General’s Handbook 2017 Scenarios

Hi everyone, in today's update, we cover each of the General's Handbook 2017 scenarios.  Having had the book for a few months now, it is a perfect opportunity to record some on strategy and tactics for each of the General's Handbook 2017 scenarios with the benefit of plenty of play. Joining me is Chris Welfare... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Gary Percival on Kharadron Overlords

Today’s Masterclass episode is with Gary Percival, UK#4, on Kharadron Overlords under General’s Handbook 2017. Gary's recent tournament results with Kharadron Overlords include: 2nd at the Games Workshop GT Heat 3; 4th at the Bravery One British Open; and 8th at the GT final. Kharadron Overlords - "like a firework" Gary talks about Kharadron Overlords... Continue Reading →

XL: Summoning in Matched Play

This episode I'm joined by Tim Lind of Tronhammer and @TronhammerNZ on Twitter.  We cover summoning in matched play, with a particular focus on Death.  Summoning, and reinforcement points, is an area of the game which can lead to confusion, especially for newer players.  In this show, we: set out the rules for summoning provide advice... Continue Reading →

AoS Masterclass: Rhellion

Today is the second AoS Masterclass episode, in which I chat with top-tier tournament gamers about Age of Sigmar tactics and how to improve at tournament play. This time I'm joined by top US tournament gamer, Brad Schwandt (or Rhellion all over the internet).  Brad is from South East Michigan and his recent accolades include: 1st... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Tony Moore

The first Masterclass interview for AoS Shorts - a series of interviews with top tournament Age of Sigmar gamers from around the world about how they approach the game. We cover everything from list-building, preparing for a tournament and play on the table-top. Today I'm joined by Tony Moore, team England captain and current #3 in the UK... Continue Reading →

How to deal with Sylvaneth Wyldwoods

Sylvaneth armies provide a unique challenge for opponents in that they have unprecedented mobility and ability to control board space.  There are also several related, but slightly different, rules relating to Sylvaneth Wyldwoods which means it can be hard to keep track.  This episode will explain how Wyldwoods work and how to counter them. Sylvaneth... Continue Reading →

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