GHB2017 – What we learnt from Twitch

Here you can find all the information on General's Handbook 2017 from the first game streamed live on Twitch, between Blades of Khorne and Soulblight.   If you are subscribed to Warhammer TV then you can watch it back here.  The lists used in the game are below. Warhammer TV is streaming Monday to Thursday next... Continue Reading →

Age of Sigmar army list writing checklist

Here is the AoS Shorts Age of Sigmar army list writing checklist. 10 steps to writing a valid Age of Sigmar Army List for matched play Follow these 10 steps and you'll have a valid list: Decide your allegiance for unit selection - whether it is a faction (Sylvaneth) or a Grand Alliance (Order).  By picking a faction allegiance... Continue Reading →

How to deal with Sylvaneth Wyldwoods

Sylvaneth armies provide a unique challenge for opponents in that they have unprecedented mobility and ability to control board space.  There are also several related, but slightly different, rules relating to Sylvaneth Wyldwoods which means it can be hard to keep track.  This episode will explain how Wyldwoods work and how to counter them. Sylvaneth... Continue Reading →

Deployment – how to set-up to win games!

Effective deployment is fundamental to success at Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  While good deployment will not win you a game, poor deployment can leave your key units exposed, your key threats neutered and you quickly behind on the scenario.  So how do you deploy well? There are so many variables involved in deployment - there... Continue Reading →

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