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Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids

Here at AoS Shorts we want your games of Age of Sigmar to go as smoothly and effectively as possible.  While we remain big proponents of the humble cheat sheet (one page of all your rules and warscrolls in one place),  we have also decided to make some Age of Sigmar gaming aids that cover the artefacts, spell lores, traits and command abilities.  No need to flick pages in your book when the card is right there.

While there are many fan made cards of the traits out there already, including in MTG or Hearthstone styles, former graphic designer Andy Long felt he could put his fandom of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and his skills to good use.  So Andy set about making them look as close as he could to honor the spirit of each battletome and the amazing Games Workshop graphic designers and artists who make them.

Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids – Legal

Now, for the really important points:

  • these cards are 100% free and are not to be sold or used for any professional purpose;
  • we do not claim to own these cards, or their contents, in any way.  These cards are purely derivative works to help players play games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar faster.  As a derivative work, Games Workshop retains all rights to these cards;
  • these cards are completely unofficial.  We claim no ownership or licence for Games Workshop products or registered trademarks;
  • support your hobby! these cards do not replace the books – while the items, artefacts, and command traits are on the cards, you still need to buy the core rules and battletomes in order to be able to use the cards in games.

Should Games Workshop contact us, we will immediately remove these cards – no questions asked.

Core & General’s Handbook 2023-24

Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids – Chaos

Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids – Death

Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids – Destruction

Age of Sigmar Gaming Aids – Order

How to print your Age of Sigmar Cards

Andy has done a stellar job on these cards and they truly are a fabulous piece of design.  The cards are MTG sized and can be printed in sheets, or double-sided on card stock.  The singles files come with an appropriately themed backing image.  All the cards have been updated to incorporate the FAQs, errata and designer commentary.

I highly recommend printing onto a card (playing cards tend to be printed on 300gsm (paper thickness)) using a local printer service.  Also, avoid gloss finish as it reflects light which can make them hard to read.  If you’re printing using your work printer or something akin to that make sure you print at full size, don’t ‘fit to page’.

Once printed, if you want to cut them yourself, follow the printers crop marks and cut to those. Here is a handy video showing you how to cut to crop marks if you’ve not done so before. Once cut, each card should be 63 x 88 mm in size (2.5 by 3.5 inches) which matches Magic The Gathering cards.

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