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Masterclass: Ben Savva on Daughters of Khaine

Hey everyone, welcome to another Masterclass show.  Ben Savva joins the show to talk Daughters of Khaine, list-writing, strategy, the GT finals and Realm Rules.  Ben recently won the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Grand Final in the UK, won Angelcore, and will soon be in the top 5 of the UK rankings.  Check out the Grand Final and Angelcore coverage for more details.

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I’ll add more pics of Ben’s army shortly, as well as links to his upcoming appearances on The Honest Wargamer and Warhammer Weekly when they happen.


Ben Savva – DoK


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Age of Sigmar

Masterclass: Andrew Standiferd on Stormcast & the current tournament scene

Hey everyone, welcome to another Masterclass show.  Andrew Standiferd joins the show to talk Stormcast tournament lists, the current meta (pre-Deepkin) and how to get better as a tournament player.  Andrew is a two time winner of the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Championships, which this year had more than 90 players from across the US and even the UK.  You can find all my coverage of the LVO here.

Stormcast tournament list

When I get a chance, I’ll return and update this blog post with the key bullet points of Andrew’s discussion.

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Andrew Standiferd’s Stormcast list from the Las Vegas Open

Las Vegas Open 1

Stormcast tournament lists in the current meta

We recorded the show in the lead up to Adepticon, so it reflects the tournament scene as it stood with Maggotkin, Legions of Nagash and Daughters of Khaine released but Deepkin as yet unknown in any great detail.  We also didn’t touch much on the Les Martin TM Stormcast build (which is still proving effective – check out the results of the Warhammer GT Heat 2), but that is covered in lots of detail over on the Facehammer podcast and elsewhere.

More Age of Sigmar tournament reading

  • If you are interested in other tournament lists, check out the tournament list archive.
  • If you want to see which events are coming up around the globe, check out the calendar.
  • For more Masterclass interviews with Tony Moore, Gary Percival, Rhellion and others go to the Episodes Index.
  • Check out the Rolling Bad podcast, on which Andrew guest appears.
  • Andrew has changed his Twitter handle since the show, you can find him here now.



Masterclass: Julien, the NZ Master

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Today’s Masterclass episode is with the inaugural New Zealand AoS Master, Julien Lestat.   Julien is an ex-40k European Team Championship player and is #4 in the NZ AoS Rankings.

Julien covered how he prepared, planned and played his winning Clan Skryre list.

Clan Skryre – Julien’s list

Julien’s list was:

  • Arch Warlock (General) with Cunning Creature and Esoteric Warp Resonator
  • Warlock Engineer with Vigordust Injector
  • Warlock Engineer
  • 5 Skryre Acolytes
  • 3 Stormfiends with Warpfire Projectors
  • 3 Stormfiends with Warpfire Projectors
  • Warpgrinder team
  • Warpfire Thrower team
  • Warp Lightning Cannon
  • 10 Plague Monks with Foetid Blades, Bringer of the Word with Plague Scroll, Icon of Pestilenece, Contagion Banner
  • 10 Gutter Runners
  • Clan Skryre
  • Arkhspark Voltik
  • Gautfyre Skorch

The other lists are here, and you can find Jim’s commentary on each of the lists over at the Tronhammer blog. Also check out my list design show and the other Masterclasses.

Masters Recap

For a full recap of the NZ Masters, listen to my recap show with Jim Page, Tim Lind and Shaun Bates (to be released tomorrow).  Please excuse the choppy nature of the show, we had a number of technical difficulties.

Thankfully Tim also covered the Masters over at Tronhammer (Day One, Day Two).

Get in touch with any comments, suggestions and questions – either through this site, on Facebook or Twitter.

Masterclass: Gary Percival on Kharadron Overlords

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Today’s Masterclass episode is with Gary Percival, UK#4, on Kharadron Overlords under General’s Handbook 2017.

Gary’s recent tournament results with Kharadron Overlords include:

  • 2nd at the Games Workshop GT Heat 3;
  • 4th at the Bravery One British Open; and
  • 8th at the GT final.

Kharadron Overlords – “like a firework”

Gary talks about Kharadron Overlords in the current meta and the thoughts behind his list.  He also explains how he approaches each game, deployment strategies, the tactics he uses and his tips for playing against Murderhost and Disciples of Tzeentch.

Kharadron Overlords

Where to find us

You can find Gary on Twitter at @garypercival8 and me at @antipodean7.

As always, check out the other resources on this site and AoS Shorts on Facebook.

All feedback, comments, criticism and ideas welcome so please get in touch 🙂

Further resources

For more tips on how to write effective army lists and tournament play check out these shows:

Masterclass: Rhellion on how to win with net lists

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Today is the second AoS Masterclass episode, in which I chat with top-tier tournament gamers about Age of Sigmar tactics and how to improve at tournament play.

This time I’m joined by top US tournament gamer, Brad Schwandt (or Rhellion all over the internet).  Brad is from South East Michigan and his recent accolades include:

  • 1st Best Overall at:
    • Blood in the Sun GT 2016
    • Waaaghpaca 2017
    • Adepticon 2017 team tournament
    • Midwest Meltdown
    • Michigan GT
  • 4th and Best Destruction at Adepticon GT 2017

How to improve at Age of Sigmar tournament play

We discuss list design, matched play under General’s Handbook 2017, and improving your play on the tabletop.  In short, “how to win with a net list in one easy step…”  (contents of show aren’t quite so facetious).

Brad covers the current meta, how he practices with his list and the things he takes into account when playing Age of Sigmar.

Disciples of Tzeentch winning army list

Brad’s winning list at the Michigan GT was:

Lord of Change, magical supremacy, rod, tzeentch’s firestorm
Kairos, unstable mutation
Blue Scribes, fold reality
Changeling, arcane transformation
Herald of Tzeentch, bolt of tzeentch
Gaunt Summoner, draught, glimpse future

10 pink horrors, treason of tzeentch
10 pink horrors, unstable mutation
10 pink horrors, bolt of tzeentch
10 blue horrors
10 brimstone horrors

250 summoning / reserve

You can find Brad on Twitter as @Rhellion and me as @antipodean7.

If you like the Masterclass format, you can check out my Masterclass show with Tony Moore, Team England AoS captain.

Still keen to hear feedback, questions you would have asked, suggestions of people you’d want to hear from 🙂 get in touch & let me know!

Masterclass: Tony Moore

The first Masterclass interview for AoS Shorts – a series of interviews with top tournament Age of Sigmar gamers from around the world about how they approach the game.

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We cover everything from list-building, preparing for a tournament and play on the table-top.

Today I’m joined by Tony Moore, team England captain and current #3 in the UK Age of Sigmar rankings. Tony has had great success with both Disciples of Tzeentch and Death.

You can find Tony at @thecountmoore on Twitter and on  The UK Age of Sigmar ranking are available here.

Check out all the other Masterclass interviews on the site.  Each successful tournament gamer has given their own impressions on the tournament meta and how you can improve.  The shows are definitely worth checking out.

As always, you can find me at @antipodean7, and AoS Shorts on Facebook.