Masterclass: Julien, the NZ Master

Today's Masterclass episode is with the inaugural New Zealand AoS Master, Julien Lestat.   Julien is an ex-40k European Team Championship player and is #4 in the NZ AoS Rankings. Julien covered how he prepared, planned and played his winning Clan Skryre list. Clan Skryre - Julien's list Julien's list was: Arch Warlock (General) with Cunning Creature and... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Gary Percival on Kharadron Overlords

Today’s Masterclass episode is with Gary Percival, UK#4, on Kharadron Overlords under General’s Handbook 2017. Gary's recent tournament results with Kharadron Overlords include: 2nd at the Games Workshop GT Heat 3; 4th at the Bravery One British Open; and 8th at the GT final. Kharadron Overlords - "like a firework" Gary talks about Kharadron Overlords... Continue Reading →

Masterclass: Tony Moore

The first Masterclass interview for AoS Shorts - a series of interviews with top tournament Age of Sigmar gamers from around the world about how they approach the game. We cover everything from list-building, preparing for a tournament and play on the table-top. Today I'm joined by Tony Moore, team England captain and current #3 in the UK... Continue Reading →

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