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Age of Sigmar Power Rankings

[Warning – this page needs to be updated for Age of Sigmar 3.0 and General’s Handbook 2021. There has been substantial change with the new edition. Even within the first few months of major events under AoS3, every single faction in the game has achieved a result of at least 4 wins out of a 5 round event.]

Hey all, here you’ll fine my take on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Power Rankings, a tiered list of factions in matched play. A common question people ask is “how competitive is faction X?”. These power rankings will answer that question, be updated monthly for new developments, and complement the amazing Honest Wargamer stats.

For an analysis of top Age of Sigmar lists organised by faction, check out the links below:

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Age of Sigmar

The Honest Wargamer Stats

If you want a complete list of all the major event results and the quantitative analysis of faction performance at events globally check out the Honest Wargamer. You can also check out the UK rankings and the Australian rankings to see which players and factions are doing well. If you want a more subjective, qualitative and at times tongue-in-cheek approach, you can check out these rankings.

Choosing an Age of Sigmar army: a qualification

These rankings are competitive matched play focused and should never be the sole (or even really the main) reason for choosing an army if you are looking to start something new. The army’s play-style, background, models and other factors are likely to be more important in your enjoyment of the army and faction.

If you are choosing an Age of Sigmar army or are new to the game, I highly recommend you check out this video from HeyWoah Twitch.

Age of Sigmar Power Rankings

So without much further ado, here is my take on the current Warhammer Age of Sigmar Power Rankings. Last updated 29 August 2020.

By way of my own contribution, I’d define the tiers listed as follows:

  • S = few if any counters, a highly competitive army with strong tournament lists adaptable to many different tournament settings
  • AA = strong, regular 5-0 winners at a tournament
  • A = potential 5-0 contenders, but with some hard match-ups or scenarios that mean they may struggle against the S or AA lists. More likely to be 4-1
  • B = most likely a 3-2 army
  • C = a 2-3 army
  • D = a 1-4 army
  • F = serious problems or very limited
Age of Sigmar Power Rankings

If you want to have a go yourself, you can use the Age of Sigmar 2.0 – Army Power Rankings Tier List Maker here.

I’m really interested to hear what you think about the concept and what criteria you would set. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter or to dan @

Age of Sigmar Tournament Results

Click on the below image for the latest Age of Sigmar tournament results from 5 round, 2000 point matched play events.