AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Flesh-Eater Courts

Hey all, Flesh-Eater Courts are coming with an all new Battletome, updated for AoS 2.0, Endless Spells, Terrain and the Carrion Empire set. Here I’ll be doing my usual thing and compiling all the information about the new release as and when the information drops. Just what you need to know, without click-bait, obnoxious ads or pop-ups.

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Age of Sigmar

Flesh-Eater Courts Battletome

The Flesh-Eater Courts have a brand new battletome coming. The key points are:

  • new magic and artefacts
  • you can dedicate your army to one of the Grand Courts
  • you can take Royal Zombie Dragons as Battleline (!) if you are the Gristlegore Grand Court

Flesh-Eater Courts Allegiance Abilities

Flesh-Eater courts allegiance abilities are arranged around the Royal courts to which you dedicate your army.

Mount traits

You can’t also give Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists traits like Stardrakes now.

Flesh-Eater Courts spells

Flesh-Eater Courts now have their own spell lore.

Flesh-Eater Courts Endless Spells

So as with all new armies, Flesh-Eater Courts get Endless Spells. Check out the awesome Bretonnian vibe going on. I’d love to see the horses used in a number of conversions too – perhaps Nurgle, or another Death force.

Cadaverous Barricade

A classic wall style Endless Spell that can be set-up 1″ away from an enemy unit and that halves their movement.

Chalice of Ushoran

A more situational healing Endless Spell. Another nice nod to the Old World with the use of “Ushoran”.

Corspemare Stampede

The winner of the Flesh-Eater Courts Endless Spells for me. A 14″ fly move and does 4/5+ mortal wounds to most units that it will fly over.

Flesh-Eater Courts Terrain

Check out the Charnel Throne terrain piece. The heraldry of bones is a very nice touch.

So the Charnel Throne grants free summoning to Archregents and Ghoul Kings nearby. I suspect a few of those might find themselves hiding behind this nice line of sight blocking terrain piece.

Flesh-Eater Courts Accessories

And finally, for now, the warscroll cards. No sign of Flesh-Eater Courts specific dice yet.

The Carrion Empire Set

As is the way with modern releases, there is a dual army box set containing Flesh-Eater Courts and Skaven. Start your army including with the new Abhorrant Archregent!

The Abhorrent Archregent

First announced at the New Years Open Day, all we know at the moment is that the Abhorrant Archregent is “a mighty mordant emperor, even more vicious – and regal – than an Abhorrant Ghoul King,”. The Archregent is the “supreme leader of any given Flesh-Eater Court…akin to an emperor and lord over a vast domain“.

The role of the Archregent is as a support hero using the spell and command ability. Extra attacks for the combat unit of your choice using the Ferocious Hunger spell. This really adds to the shear weight of attacks output you can get out of large FEC units.

The command ability is Summon Imperial Guard, and offers more summoning choices than the other command abilities in the army. Try a Courtier, Crypt Flayers, Crypt Horrors, or Crypt Ghouls as needed.

Check back for more updates and coverage as we know more.