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General’s Handbook 2018

Every year Games Workshop issue a General’s Handbook for Warhammer Age of Sigmar that is packed full of extra content for open, narrative and matched play games.  The General’s Handbook is also an opportunity to update scenarios, Pitched Battle profiles, points, and allegiance abilities for matched play in order to introduce more variety or address any balance issues.

If you are interested in Matched Play, check out my Matched Play preview video.  If you want to catch up on all the news for Age of Sigmar Second Edition, my compilation page has all the previews tracked and summarised in one place.

What is in General’s Handbook 2018?

  • 12 more battleplans for matched play (plus if you add the 6 in the Core Book and 2 in Malign Sorcery, there are 20 new battleplans)
    • General’s Handbook 2016
      • Three Places of Power
      • Blood and Glory
      • Border Wars
      • Escalation
      • Gifts from the Heavens
      • Take and Hold
    • General’s Handbook 2017
      • Knife to the Heart
      • Total Conquest
      • Scorched Earth
      • Starstrike
      • Duality of Death
      • Battle for the Pass
    • General’s Handbook 2018
      • Total Commitment
      • Focal Points
      • The Better Part of Valour
      • Shifting Objectives
      • Places of Arcane Power
        • heroes with an artefact of power or a friendly wizard.
      • The Relocation Orb
    • Malign Sorcery
      • Magical Supremacy
      • Chained Colossus
  • updated Pitched Battle profiles for every single Warhammer Age of Sigmar model in the Mortal Realms
  • updated warscroll battalions for the Fyreslayer Greyfyrd and Vostarg Lodges, two Seraphon starhosts and two Ironjawz clans
  • an expanded Open Play battleplan generator allowing you to create new battleplans
  • new rules for summoning for every army that used it before
  • new rules for army building and allies
  • Allegiance abilities for every faction that was featured last year
    • Darkling Covens
    • Dispossessed
    • Free Peoples
    • Fyreslayers
    • Seraphon
    • Wanderers
    • Brayherds
    • Slaanesh
    • Slaves to Darkness
    • Skaven Pestilens
    • Skaven Skryre
    • Flesh-eater Courts
    • Ironjawz
  • rules for Aerial battles while battles rage on below
  • 43 new special rules for use in narrative play games including showers of meteors to storms of magic and networks of tunnels
  • Gathering of Might – rules for the biggest games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar ever.

General's Handbook 2018

General's Handbook 2018

General's Handbook 2018 General's Handbook 2018

General’s Handbook 2018 – The Warlord’s Edition

As with last year, there is a Warlord’s Edition of the General’s Handbook 2018.


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