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Terrain Cooperative

The Terrain Cooperative is a collective effort coordinated by Tyler Emerson and friends to help further the use of quality terrain in the Age of Sigmar community.

The project has three initial goals:

  • Create 32 stunning, themed terrain tables for Terrain Cooperative’s first regional hub, based in Missouri, which will help supply tables to select events in the Midwest.
  • Create (forthcoming) to showcase tables and share resources.
  • Celebrate contributors to the project through prizes and recognition.

Ways to Contribute

If you can help in any of the following ways, email us at terrain @

  • 3D Printing: If you have experience printing large terrain to a high standard, we’d love to hear from you. Multiple themed tables are spec’d out and ready for printing.
  • Painting: We are looking for skilled painters who can bring to life the tables that will be featured at – tables that will inspire and guide other hobbyists.
  • Creating a Table: Got an idea for a table, and a desire to realize it? Let us know!

Table Concepts

  1. Theming around a particular faction or realm, or both.
  2. A “tribute” table themed around any of the ‘gods’ in Age of Sigmar.

Table Tracker

In Progress – Printed + Painter Secured:

  1. Linus Burkey – Winter Stronghold
  2. Sherrick Getchell – Lost Ancients
  3. Scott Sproul – Court of the Everqueen
  4. Scott Sproul – The Ruins of Grissengrün
  5. Bryce Wickline – Gloomspite Cavern
  6. Bryce Wickline – The World that Was
  7. Bryce Wickline – Tombs of Forgotten Kings

Available – Not Printed + Needs Painter:



Thank you to David Griffin and Anthony Pulcastro at Nashcon, and Jordan Duncan and co. at Season of War, for the quality of their tables, which helped inspire this effort.

Along with the painters above, our thanks to the following who’ve contributed printing: JT, Caleb Nimmo, Brian Orban, Anthony Pulcastro, Scott Sproul, and Bryce Wickline. 

In addition, thank you to these companies for supporting the Terrain Cooperative: