AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

#AoSLore365 – Age of Sigmar background

In an aim to spread insights into the Age of Sigmar background, narrative and lore, I’ve started a daily practice of tweeting short snippets of Age of Sigmar lore.  All the posts use the hastags  and #ireadAoS, are posted on the AoS Shorts Facebook page and are also collected here for ease of reference.  Hopefully, these provide a glimpse into the world of the Mortal Realms and encourage further exploration.

#AoSLore365 – Age of Sigmar background shorts

  • Neferata’s domain, Nulahmia, is neighboured by Mortannis (formerly ruled by Queen Ahalaset) and Nachtwache (formerly ruled by Lord Nagen).  Neferata keeps both kingdoms in an uneasy tension in order to protect Nulahmia.


  • Excelsis is a city built around the Spear of Mallus – a vast shard of the world-that-was. The Spear releases secrets & prophecies into the aether which can be divined by the Collegiate Arcane.  Excelsis is guarded by 3 Stormhosts, including the Sons Of Mallus.


  • Barak-Zon, the 1st founded skyport & a floating metal metropolis, is the highest sky port, & gleams red in the sun.  Martial pride is key & it’s arkanauts strive to earn the Ironstar. It’s greatest champion was Admiral Nelriksson, victor of Tungsten Peaks.


  • In the War of the Wyrdquartz, Fyreslayer lodges successfully defended nine mountain ranges in Aqshy from Tzeentch daemons seeking the crystal veins within.


  • Hallowheart, Free City, is built on crystalline caverns infused with Aqshyian magic. Living above this power the citizens gain resilience to magic (as well as weird birthmarks & good luck). The Battlemages of the Whitefire Court defend it.


  • Shyish is home to thousands of underworlds manifested by the people of the Mortal Realms, such as Athanasia, Hallost & the Latchkey Isle. The living also populate Shyish in the Prime Innerlands. They honour tradition & live alongside their ancestors


  • Since the End Times, Malerion and Tyrion have been in hiding rescuing Aelf souls from the captured Slaanesh. While this had been going well, Morathi has stolen some of the souls for her own use in Ulgu. Nagash now knows of the Aelven gods’ work…


  • It is said of Brakka, retributor of the Astral Templars, that no one has been dispatched to the soul-forges more times and been remade. Indeed there are days where he can recall little beyond his own name… & how to wield a hammer of course.”


  • A great mystery of the Sylvaneth is the Shrouded Time. As the war versus Chaos got bleaker, Alarielle vowed to her Royal Moot to turn the tide at any price. What happened is lost to enchantment. Victory didn’t come & the Outcast curse fell & Alarielle waned.


  • Phoenicium is a city at the foot of the Arboreal Mountain in Ghyran & first of the Seeds of Hope. Ruins preserved in amber for centuries, it was discovered by the Phoenix Temple. The phoenixes turned the amber to golden mist & the city reinhabited.


  • The Buboe Wars were fought between Clans Septik & Virulox through the fire-lit labyrinth of Pyropia until the Astral Templars discovered the Skaven presence.  Septik is also known as the Right Claw of Pestilens & one of the original 3 Clans Pestilens.


  • Cinderfall, once a prosperous trading zone of Hammerhal Aqsha, it is now home to the Spice Guilds & criminal gangs, which use the Riftmarket as a front for illicit trade. To the north is the Adramar Rift, the main thoroughfare for trader airships through the city.