AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Warcry: a new Age of Sigmar game

Games Workshop have previewed a new game for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar called Warcry. It is a skirmish based, character and warband campaign development game. Building up the experience of your Chaos warband as it fights in the Allpoints. It comes with beautiful new terrain and I suspect we will see further expansions allowing you to play as other factions! This is Kill Team/Necromunda for Age of Sigmar.

Not only Chaos, but there will be 9 non-Chaos factions available to play with rules of their own at the launch date!

Here I’ll be doing my usual thing and compiling all the information about the new release as and when the information drops. Just what you need to know, without click-bait, obnoxious ads or pop-ups.

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Age of Sigmar


Warcry seems to be a modern take on a small warband scale version of Age of Sigmar. It’s promised to be a new game drawing on the “some of the best bits of Warhammer Underworlds and Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team“. My guess is a warband type game in the wastes and badlands of the Mortal Realms with some form of card element or simplified combat mechanic using dice (like with in Necromunda).

The art looks simply amazing – so atmospheric – and I really want to know more about each of the different combatants here.

Warcry GAMA Reveal

So at GAMA we got a brand new trailer and lots of information:

  • more than just a skirmish version of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – it’s hyper-kinetic, it’s tactical and it’s very, very bloody, featuring bold new game mechanics.
  • perfect for narrative players looking to forge character-driven campaigns where warbands grow and develop through their own journey.
  • gamers looking for a close-matched, fast and exciting experience will find a game that fits both their coffee table and coffee break.
  • you’ll follow the myriad tribes of Chaos – reavers and despoilers from every corner of the realms – as they make their dark pilgrimage to the Varanspire. 
  • Warcry explores a never-before-seen side of life (and death!) in the Age of Sigmar. 
  • Every model for this game is brand new, reflecting on the dizzying diversity of Chaos on a scale never attempted before and rooted in rich lore that realises the servants of the Dark Gods as deep and varied cultures.
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The Iron Golems

The Adepticon 2019 reveal has shown details of the Iron Golems warband from the Warcry box-set.

Like all Warcry warbands, the Iron Golems offer a more complex, nuanced take on Chaos than we’ve seen before. The Iron Golem miniatures combine classic Chaos aesthetics with cultural cues based on the Mortal Realm from which they originate. Hailing from the Realm of Metal, these warriors are renowned for the quality of their smithing, believing themselves chosen by Archaon himself to forge arms and armour for the Slaves to Darkness.

New creatures

The Warcry set also shows more animals of the Realms, including new plastic Furies and Raptoryxes.

Warcry website

Warcry now has its own section on At the moment, it just has the preview video, but more information is coming soon.

Warcry Informed Speculation

Right, given the wave of reaction to the Warcry release, I just wanted to highlight some informed speculation from Tom of Warhammer Weekly and Alex of Fjordhammer. Both have a deep love of Age of Sigmar and a wealth of knowledge to draw on.