AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar


Welcome to AoS Shorts, a series of podcasts, videos and blog posts on strategy for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  This series will help you get better fast.

Just what you need to know – bite-sized strategy

There is so much great information out there in the AoS community on strategy and tactics, but it is largely buried in 100 page forum threads, 3 hour podcasts or hundreds of hours of video.  Our aim is to distil this information for the time-poor gamer.

Each show focuses on a key AoS topic, such as list design, deployment, and scenarios,  and is accompanied by diagrams, tipsheets and a blog post for you to digest or refer to later.  We hope that these will be a useful resource for those of us that may not get to play regularly, but don’t want to spend the first two games of our next tournament remembering how to play our army and the game.

Who are we and where to find us?

We are matched play gamers from New Zealand.  I’m your host, Dan or @antipodean7 on Twitter. Working with me are James, Shaun and Tim, the former and current NZ #1 matched play gamers, and Andy who is providing graphics and design.

The information in these episodes is of course based on our own views and opinions.  Feel free to challenge and engage with us.

You can find me at @antipodean7 on Twitter or feel free to comment on the episode posts on Podbean, Facebook or TGA.  If you like what you hear it would be great if you can drop us a review on iTunes – it will help us reach more people.