AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar Second Edition: What does it mean for your army and faction?

Age of Sigmar Second Edition and General’s Handbook 2018 have fundamentally changed the game with new core rules, new abilities, new magic, changed warscrolls and new points.  Here I try to summarise what all the changes mean for your favourite army or faction.  As always, no adverts, no clickbait, just what you need.

If you want all the news on Age of Sigmar Second Edition, check out my compilation page.  There are also specific coverage pages for the Sacrosanct Chamber, Nighthaunt, and Malign Sorcery.  So check those out too.

How will the new Age of Sigmar edition impact particular factions?

In this section, I’ll give the highlights for each faction from the Warhammer Community Faction Focus series as well as some thoughts and commentary on how builds will be effected.

Stormcast Eternals

  • For now, check out the dedicated Sacrosanct Chamber page.  I’ll add more details here about the rest of the Stormcast Eternals, when we have them.


Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness

  • Archaon, Varanguard and Chaos Warshrine much cheaper
  • Archaon’s warscroll will receive small changes (maybe -2 rend finally?)
  • Archaon’s command ability (which allows other heroes to use theirs) will be tweaked but still have the essence and power it does now.


  • Gordrakk and Maw-krushas will cost fewer points
  • Ardboyz cheaper.


  • Another faction with a lot of hero options that can benefit from command ability changes.
  • With command abilities like Inspiring Presence, as well as At The Double and Forward to Victory, Heroes like your Doomseekers and Grimwrath Berzerkers won’t just be deadly close combat units – you’ll also be able to use them to enhance the rest of your army with commands.
  • An Auric Runeson on Magmadroth’s Furious Onslaught – which lets Fyreslayers roll 3 dice when they charge, discarding the lowest roll – with an Auric Runefather on foot’s Lodge Leader ability – which lets Fyreslayers pile in up to 5″ – is ideal for getting a large unit of Fyreslayers into position and effectively surrounding an enemy target.”

Hosts of Slaanesh

  • Slaanesh is confirmed to be entrapped between the realms of Ulgu and Hysh.
  • Some tweaks to the General’s Handbook 2017 allegiance abilities – Invaders host.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

  • Combine command abilities

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

  • New rules coming for marks – the Chaos Lord on Manticore is given as an example.
  • New summoning mechanics.  Hosts of Slaanesh revel in pain so generate points when their heroes deal or receive wounds which do not slay their target.
    • Using the new Depravity Points system, you’ll be able to bring anything from Daemonettes to a Keeper of Secrets onto the tabletop WITHOUT spending reinforcement points. Generating Depravity Points is very thematic– you’ll score one for every wound your Heroes inflict on a foe without killing them, or every non-fatal wound they receive in return – representing how the servants of the Dark Prince draw power from suffering and cruelty. They’re not the only faction to be receiving summoning changes, either…

Maggotkin of Nurgle

  • Buffing characters even more durable thanks to Look Out, Sir!
  • Seven unique command abilities
  • Take a Lord of Afflictions to speed up a unit of Pusgoyle Blightlordswith the Spearhead of Contagion ability. At the same time, use a Lord of Blights and his Plague of Flies to make that unit harder to hit. Finally, give every model in the unit (and nearby units) an extra attack with The Glottkin’s Lords of Nurgle ability.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Blades of Khorne

  • Again, command abilities possibilities
    • Start by taking a Chaos Lord on Manticore, Aspiring Deathbringer of your choice, a Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut and a massive unit of Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Khorne. With the Aspiring Deathbringer giving every member in the unit an extra attack from Slaughter Incarnate, the Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut giving them +1 to wound from Blood Stampede, and the Chaos Lord on Manticore allowing them re-roll charge rolls, wound rolls and battleshock tests with Iron-willed Overlord, they’ll be a nigh-unstoppable force!

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Disciples of Tzeentch

  • New summoning rules coming.

Daughters of Khaine

  • No main news (unsurprising given that Daughters was one of the books designed with AoS 2 in mind)
  • We did get to see two artefacts for the Realm of Ulgu though – still unclear if this are available in matched play games.

Legions of Nagash

  • Biggest impact is the freedom to use the Endless Legions command ability available to the Grand Host and the Legions without paying reinforcement points.
  • Nighthaunt units will now be more easily usable in Legions of Nagash forces.
  • Unless a rule of one applies, you can use the same command ability multiple times.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition


  • Point reductions for Kurnoth Hunters and Spirits of Durthu.
  • Both Alarielle and Branchwraiths benefit from the new summoning rules allowing models to be brought on without paying reinforcement costs.
  • The Branchwraith’s Roused To Wrath spell has been modified.
  • Alarielle’s Soul Amphorae have also changed. It is now a once-per-game ability but you will get a free unit.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition


  • Several units have points changes.
  • Thanquol and Boneripper have now dropped in points to “comfortably” fit under 400 points.
  • Skaven summoning
    • Dreaded Thirteenth Spell changing enemies into clanrats
    • Screaming Bell can now give you a free Verminlord on a roll of a double 6.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Flesh-eater Courts

  • Get a significant benefit from the removal of reinforcement points –  able to grow units quickly by using the supporting heroes (whether adding to existing units or creating new units).
  • The command abilities now work once per Ghoul King (every King will come with a free unit).   Just make sure you have enough command points to activate the abilities.

Kharadron Overlords

  • The introduction of the Sacrosanct Chamber will allow Kharadron Overlords access to magic via the allies allocation
  • Points drops for Gunhauler (now 160), Frigates and Ironclads.


  • As with the other factions, Seraphon now also have “free” summoning.  Rather than spending points, you now spend Celestial Conjuration points.
  • Celestial Conjuration points are earned by a Slann general performing a ritual rather than cast a spell.  You get bonus points for having a Slann as a your general and having a Saurus Astrolith Bearer.

Age of Sigmar Second EditionAge of Sigmar Second Edition

Free Peoples

  • points reduction for Greatswords, Demigryphs and Steam Tanks.
  • new command trait “Battle-Tested Veteran” that allows the general to generate extra command points.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Beasts of Chaos

  • Point reductions for Bullgors, Cygor and Dragon Ogres
  • Great Bray-Shamans have lost the Savage Dominion spell and instead received a new spell called Devolve

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Beastclaw Raiders

  • significant points reductions across the board, including Firebelly, Thundertusks and Stonehorns and battalions


  • points reductions for Longbeards, Ironbreakers and Irondrakes
  • Ironbreakers are now Battleline in a Dispossessed army


  • points reductions for allies of grots, including troggoths.  Aleguzzler Gargants are now just 160 points.


  • no mention of anything unique to Bonesplitterz in the Faction Focus


  • points reduction for Ironguts, Grot Scraplauncher, Ironblaster, plus Maneaters (which are still an ally choice).


  • Darkling Covens – keep existing allegiance abilities.  Points drops for Executioners and Black Guard.
  • Wanderers – keep General’s Handbook allegiance abilities.
  • Swifthawk Agents – points drop for Shadow Warriors
  • Order Draconis – Dragonlord Host Battalion is now significantly cheaper.
  • Order Serpentis – nearly everything in the faction has had a points reduction.  You can take Idoneth Deepkin as allies.
  • Phoenix Temple – no points cost to return Flame Phoenix to the table
  • Lion Rangers – no news
  • Shadowblades – no news (artefact already revealed in a previous article)
  • Eldritch Council – no news
  • Scourge Privateers – lower points for several units and the Realm Reavers warscroll battalion.

Idoneth Deepkin

  • Nothing unique as they were already written for the new edition.