AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Warcry: The Splintered Fang

Next in my series of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry pages is dedicated to the Splintered Fang, the third warband revealed by Games Workshop. For more on Warcry, you can check out my Warcry page, or the pages dedicated to the other warbands revealed so far.

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Age of Sigmar

The Splintered Fang

The Splintered Fang originate from Ghyran, the Realm of Life. They are an “inisdious murder cult” that uses cunning (and poison) in order to win. They represent the seductive, civilised side of Chaos and even have a Chaos aelf.

As always, the Warhammer Community and Warhammer TV teams have put together a great themed preview video for the Splintered Fang.

There is no honour in defeat. Glory is grasped only in victory. We harness the cunning of the coiling ones. One cut, one kill.

Text from reveal video

The Splintered Fang Models

Here are the models previewed so far for The Splintered Fang. Some more hoplite themes added to the gladiator style.