AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Warcry: The Untamed Beasts

The second in my series of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry pages is dedicated to the Untamed Beasts, the second warband revealed by Games Workshop (and appropriately revealed in Australia). For more on Warcry, you can check out my Warcry page, or the pages dedicated to the other warbands revealed so far.

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Age of Sigmar

Untamed Beasts: Hunt the Hunter

The Untamed Beasts are a warband from the Jagged Savannah in Ghur. This warband is nomadic and survive on hunting carnivorous beats. All of the models are full of energy as a result – representing the hunt.

And the Warhammer TV reveal video:

All hail the Everchosen! In his name devour the flesh of the carnivore, bind their spirits, and claim their wrath. Hunt the Hunter!

Reveal video text

The Untamed Beasts Models

The Untamed Beasts look like a great modern reimagining of the classic Chaos Marauder line, but with more savagery and less Norse.

The Untamed Beasts
The Untamed Beasts
The Untamed Beasts
The Untamed Beasts
The bestest doggo-goat-lion-thing