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Age of Sigmar Second Edition: New Artefacts of the Mortal Realms

With the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar come new artefacts for personalising and equipping your forces.  In this page, I cover everything we know about the artefacts and what they are likely to mean for your battles.

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Every army can now select from a set of common realm-specific artefacts tables.  There are 84 artefacts available (each of the seven realms has 6 magical weapons and 6 trinkets, artefacts, or pieces of armour).  At the list-writing stage, you select the realm for your army and can choose to take one of the realm-specific artefacts instead of the ones that you would usually have access to.

These artefacts are available in the Malign Sorcery expansion set.

Aqshy – Realm of Fire

Age of Sigmar Second EditionAge of Sigmar Second Edition

Ulgu – Realm of Shadow

Age of Sigmar Second EditionAge of SIgmar Second Edition

Ghyran – Realm of Life

Age of Sigmar Second EditionAge of Sigmar Second Edition

Hysh – Realm of Light

Age of Sigmar Artefacts


Shyish – Realm of Death


Realm Unknown So Far

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Age of Sigmar ArtefactsAge of Sigmar Artefacts