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CanCon 2019: Destruction Lists

Hey all, today is the day of the Doom and Darkness Destruction List Review show for CanCon 2019. CanCon is the largest Age of Sigmar tournament in the world so far, with 220 players from across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Today, Doom is joined by the Loonking himself, Donal Taylor – the world’s most infamous Gloomspite player – and Vincent Venturella, community figurehead, painter extraordinaire, games developer and all round legend.

You can watch the Doom and Darkness Destruction List Review for CanCon 2019 here and check out the Order and Death List Reviews too.

And while, you are watching, here are all the CanCon Destruction Lists for 2019.

I’ll come back and fill this post out with a whole load more details and analysis.

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