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Club Profile: Cheltenham Warchiefs

Hey everyone, so I’m adding a new series to the site to highlight Age of Sigmar Gaming Clubs from around the world – first up are the Cheltenham Warchiefs (@CheltWarchiefs).  The aim is to introduce the gaming clubs, explain their history, anecdotes, iconography and current and former players.  You’ll find details of how to contact the club and follow along with their successes on social media.

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Age of Sigmar

The Cheltenham Warchiefs are one of the most instantly recognisable Age of Sigmar clubs on the UK tournament scene.  Warchief Baz (@WarchiefBaz) kindly provided the write-up and photos for this profile.

The Cheltenham Warchiefs club is over 20 years old and under the guidance of the current gaffa, John Harrison is going from strength to strength.  It’s fair to say that the club embraced Age of Sigmar from the start so we have a large pool of players who love and play the game on a weekly basis.  On average there are at least 4-5 games ongoing each club night.  The club provides boards, gaming mats and scenery so all you need to do is turn up with an army and play.

We meet every Monday evening between 7-10pm at the Hatherley & Reddings Cricket Club, Shurdington Rd, Cheltenham, GL51 4XA, parking is free.

We also run all day Sunday gaming a couple of times a year as well as a Mini Waaggh 750 point Age of Sigmar tournament every 3-4 months.  We have also run several larger Age of Sigmar tournaments such as the Warchief Warpath and Warchief GT (and the infamous monster hunter award) with further events planned for the future.

Some of our more illustrious members are former South Coast Grand Tournament winner, Robert Sedgemen (@sedge55), Les Martin of the Facehammer Podcast (@__Wintersoldier) and the Mighty Lord of Khonre, Pano (@The_True_Pano).  Club members attend lots of tournaments around the country and can be identified by our distinctive purple and yellow hoodies, so if you spot us come and say hello!

We can be found on Twitter @CheltWarchiefs and on the Cheltenham Warchiefs Facebook page.

If you are interested in coming down to the club please contact us via Twitter or Facebook.  First game is free and then its £2.50 per game after that.  Age of Sigmar games can be arranged via the Warchief WhatsApp group and we are happy to take new players through tutorial games of Age of Sigmar so they can get to grips with the rules.

Cheltenham Warchiefs

We look forward to seeing you!





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