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GHB2017 – Factions / Allegiances and new FAQs

This morning, Games Workshop released on the Community site an updated Chaos FAQ, some new Monstrous Arcanum warscrolls and commented on the issue many gamers have had with understanding how factions, allegiances and allies work in Chaos armies.

The key bit on factions and allies is:

Since the release of the General’s Handbook 2017, we’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’ve received a number of questions on how Chaos allegiance abilities work. We’d like to clarify that all references to ‘Blades of Khorne’, ‘Disciples of Tzeentch’, ‘Hosts of Slaanesh’ and ‘Nurgle Rotbringers’, are synonymous with ‘Khorne’, ‘Tzeentch’, ‘Slaanesh’ and ‘Nurgle’ respectively. For example, a Blades of Khorne army can also, and interchangeably, be referred to as a Khorne army.

For instance, a “Hosts of Slaanesh” army with Hosts of Slaanesh allegiance abilities could include Mortal units with the Slaanesh keyword from Slaves to Darkness, and a Khorne army could mix units from the Khorne Bloodbound list with the Daemons of Khorne list and the Slaves to Darkness. Similarly, a Nurgle army could combine Nurgle Rotbringers, Daemons of Nurgle and even Clans Pestilens units under the Nurgle allegiance abilities.

All (hopefully) straight-forward.  I’ll have a show out early next week on how factions, allegiances, allies, Chaos marks and the new Firestorm rules work together so you’ll have everything wrapped up in one place.

In the mean time, check out over on the Resources page:

  • the updated “all-in-one” FAQ – all the FAQs and Forgeworld scrolls in a text-searchable and indexed PDF; and
  • the Allies matrix showing you who can ally with whom at a glance.



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