New Zealand Age of Sigmar Masters 2017 Review Show

In this show, we recap the inaugural New Zealand Age of Sigmar Masters.  This is the first ensemble cast episode of AoS Shorts, as I am joined by James Page (NZ#5), Tim Lind (NZ#8) and Shaun Bates (NZ#2) .

We cover how the New Zealand Age of Sigmar rankings work, the criteria for attending the end-of-year Masters event, how the Masters tournament was structured and a run-down of the lists and games.

New Zealand Age of Sigmar rankings, lists and analysis

All you need:

An apology

Unfortunately, because we had four people calling in from different locations, we had a number of technical difficulties.  These have meant that the sound quality is worse than I would have liked, and there are some continuity issues in the show.  However, I still wanted to release the episode because:

  1. the guys had given their evening to come onto the show;
  2. I believe there is some useful information in the show; and
  3. I want to share the New Zealand Age of Sigmar scene with the global Age of Sigmar community.

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