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Army Showcase: Tim’s Daughters of Khaine

Hello, today is another Army Showcase post – a great opportunity to share a cool Age of Sigmar army with an excellent paint job and great conversions.  This post is on Tim Fisher’s Greco-Roman inspired Daughters of Khaine army which only recently (9/10 June 2018) received a painting nomination at Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 3.

Given how beautiful the army is, its hard to believe that Tim started building the army only in February.  Now, I’ve asked Tim a number of questions relating to the army, its background, his inspiration and his tools, which he was kind enough to answer below.  You can find Tim on Twitter as @timfisher22 – so give him a follow and check out his next awesome project.  You can also find me at @AoS_Shorts 🙂

For more Age of Sigmar painting and hobby content, check out the hobby section of the site, the Creator Class series, Mengel Minis, Vince Venturella’s hobby videos and the @ProPainted Podcast – check it out at their website and on iTunes.  If you are tempted by the Daughters of Khaine, you can also check out the Daughters of Khaine page on the site covering all the details from the release.

Tim’s Daughters of Khaine

Painting inspiration and background

AoS Shorts: Where did your inspiration for the army and the colour scheme come from?

The inspiration was implanted from the moment I saw the animated video that the GW Community Team released.  The nods to ancient Greco-Roman culture and the revelation that Morathi had survived being consumed by Slaanesh had me hooked from the get go!

AoS Shorts: Does the army have a background and story?

Morathi is up to her nefarious schemes again!  In this instance she’s leading a force of her Daughters across the realms to find ancient Khaine temples built by the aelves during the Age of Myth.  These temples were all ruined during the Age of Chaos but they are sacred to the Daughters and Morathi is basically stringing them along in a fool’s errand to search for fragments of Khaine on these holy sites.  Of course, there’s a great deal of enemies in such inhospitable areas so Morathi is in a win-win situation.  She keeps the aelves hoodwinked and has them believe she’s loyal to Khaine by searching for his fragments and in the process much blood and souls are spilled in the name of Morathi…..erm Khaine!

Daughters of Khaine army selection

AoS Shorts: Did you start the project with a particular list in mind or did you pick the models you like?

After using Warherd earlier in the year (and getting beaten….a lot!) , I decided I’d go for whatever power build was doing the rounds early doors.

I’m a sucker for a quirky build though and one of my favourite things about Age of Sigmar is the flexibility you have when building your army. I’m a fan of big, stompy things and so…… I used all the big stuffs!

Making great bases for your Age of Sigmar models

AoS Shorts: You have some great bases in the army – can you share how you did them? Where did you source the parts from etc?

The colour scheme is a variant of Tyler Mengel’s desert base tutorial that he has on his blog

I used Seraphim Sepia to wash the whole base after the highlight was drybrushed on then added a further highlight. The columns/stone floor are P3 Hammefall Khaki, washed with Reikland Felshtone and highlighted with khaki + white.

In terms of the parts of the bases themselves:

  • For the stone flooring I used Will’s Paving plasticard. It’s a thick plasticard used in model railways. You can source it from eBay.
  • Elven columns are from Figone.
  • The jars and vases are from Fenris
  • The tufts are from Tajima1 –  they have the best range of tufts I’ve used.

Converting your Age of Sigmar models

AoS Shorts: There are also some cool conversions – can you talk us through your favourites?  Tell us how you did the amazing Avatars to start?

The Avatars are based on the Forgeworld Aeldhari Avatar for 40k. I shaved off all of the Aeldhari imagery and gemstones etc and removed the runesword. I then used the plastic Avatar from the Cauldron kit to donate parts such as the head, swords, forearms and assorted spikes. An expensive conversion, but worth it I feel!

AoS Shorts: While I didn’t ask Tim directly, his Death Hag and Cauldron of Blood have both been heavily converted drawing on Eldar and other Daughters of Khaine bits.

AoS Shorts: How did you do the blood effect on the Eidolon of Khaine?

I wanted the Eidolon to look like a part of the force rather than a random water borne ally.  The moment I saw the Deepkin vid that went online after Adepticon I thought it would look great as blood instead of water!  I also used another plastic Avatar head and some spikes to pimp him out a bit, as well as swapping his spear for one from a Bloodwrack Medusa.  I think the end result ties him in nicely with my force.

All of the blood effects and also the laquered paintwork on the Cauldron/Eidolon armour is painted on using Tamiya Clear Red (I get mine from Element Games – you can use my referral code TIM697 ;))

I painted the cloak a deep umber colour and highlighted the ‘splodges’ and cloak edges with a mid, then brighter red. I washed with Carroburg Crimson then painted on 3 coats of Tamiya straight from the pot allowing to dry overnight for each coat to cure fully.

Future plans – expanding the army

AoS Shorts: Any future plans for additions to the army or themed terrain?

After Heat 3 where I used the army for the very first time game 1 (having been up until 2:30am painting!) I realised that big, stompy stuff is a lot of fun to use, but it isn’t great at some scenarios as you lack the numbers.

I plan to add a unit of 10 Blood Sisters and 2 x 5 Khinerai Heartrenders. I’ll need to drop the Avatars and downgrade the Slaughter Queen on Cauldron to a Hag to fit this in. Looking further ahead I think I’ll need to make a decision to drop either the Eidolon ally or Morathi as both of them are almost half of the army…. I think Morathi will win that war but it’ll nice to use some other choices than Morathi now and then as I’d like to try out a Bloodwrack Shrine and also have some points for a battalion and maybe at some point more Witch Aelves (though I’m avoiding that as I didn’t enjoy painting them!)

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