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South Coast GT 2019 Preview

Hey all, cutting it fine with my South Coast GT 2019 preview now that the event has started, but better late than never. The South Coast GT has been one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy events in the UK consistently over the last ten years! In this post, I go through the event pack and touch some key points before the weekend. On Monday, I’ll wrap up all the results, awards and top lists.

In the mean time, you can watch all the coverage over on Warhammer TV on Twitch.

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Age of Sigmar

South Coast GT 2019 – Chamber of the 11th Soul

This year is the 11th South Coast GT! Its held in Horndean Portsmouth by Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp of Heelanhammer fame and Russ Veal of Facehammer. Previously this event has reached 200 players – this year it looks like around 150 players.

Let’s break down the players pack! You can read it in its entirety here.

SCGT 2019 Player Pack

The event is held over six rounds – a premiere, destination event with a large field needs six rounds often to find a true winner.

  • Game 1: 9 – 11:45, Saturday
  • Game 2: 12:45 – 15:30
  • Game 3: 15:45 – 18:30
  • Game 4: 9 – 11:45, Sunday
  • Game 5: 12:45 – 15:30
  • Game 6: 15:45 – 18:30

Armies are selected according to matched play and General’s Handbook 2018. Rules up to April 20th are in force.

Lists are submitted on the day – so I will do my best to pull the top lists together over the weekend.


All 18 matched play battleplans are potentially in play at the South Coast GT. The battleplan will be randomly determined on the day using the Generals Handbook. Flexibility in army selection is therefore key for success!

Realms Rules

The South Coast GT organisers have selected sets of realm rules from each of the realms. A realm set will be randomly selected for each battleplan.

  • Shyish
    • Realmsphere Magic: Pall of Doom
    • Realm Commands: Soul-Forged Sacrifice,
    • Realmscape Feature: Haunted Realm
    • Realm Spell: Unnatural Darkness
  • Aqshy
    • Realmsphere Magic: Fireball
    • Realm Commands: Firestarter
    • Realmscape Feature: Clouds of Smoke and Steam
    • Realm Spell: Inferno Blades
  • Chamon
    • Realmsphere Magic: Transmutation of Lead
    • Realm Commands: Adapt or Die,
    • Realmscape Feature: Rust Plague
    • Realm Spell: Curse of Rust
  • Ghur
    • Realmsphere Magic: WIldform
    • Monstrous Beasts rule will not be used
    • Realmscape Feature: Reckless Agression
    • Realm Spell: Primal Hunter
  • Ghyran
    • Realmsphere Magic: Shield of Thorns
    • Realm Commands: Command the Land
    • Realmscape Feature: Hidden Festering Corruption
    • Realm Spell: Realmblood
  • Hysh
    • Realmsphere Magic: Pha’s Protection
    • Realm Commands: Strike quickly
    • Realmscape Feature: Speed of Light
    • Realm Spell: Exorcising Beam
  • Ulgu
    • Realmsphere Magic: Mystifying Miasma
    • Realm Command: We will not be using the “lord of the shadow realm” command ability
    • Realmscape Feature: Darkly Shaded
    • Realm Spell: Bridge of Shadows

South Coast GT Scoring System

The Overall Champion will be the person with the most Tournament Points. So how do you score Tournament Points?

  • Army is painted to the minimum standard = 20 TPs
  • Army is cohesive = 10 TPs
  • Army list in on time = 5 TPs
  • Army list is legal and in correct format = 5 TPs
  • Major Victory = 16 TPs
  • Minor Victory = 12 TPs
  • Draw = 8 TPs
  • Minor Loss = 4 TPs
  • Major Loss = 0 TPs
  • Hidden Agenda Points = 24 TPs available
    • 1 TP for each Hidden Agenda completed
    • 1 TP for each Hidden Agenda your opponent did not complete.

The tiebreakers are:

  • Who has scored the most Hidden Agenda points
  • Strength of Schedule (combined gaming point score of all opponents)
  • Kill points

Hidden Agendas

The South Coast GT 2019 is using the Hidden Agendas from Games Workshop but in its own way.

  • Players will select two agendas per game after set up is complete but before the first battle round
  • Both players should place the cards in front of them face down.
  • Once both players have picked then these will be turned face up.
  • These are Open information from this point on.
  • You can only use each Agenda once during the event! (this means that all 12 agendas will be used during the event)

South Coast GT Awards

There are a large number of awards up for grabs over the weekend – with the painting awards sponsored by the Pro Painted podcast

  • The SCGT Champion!
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Best General in each Grand Alliance (based on Agenda points)
  • Best Sportsmen
    • each player has a single vote
  • Best Army 1st 2nd and 3rd (judge selected)
  • “Coolest” Army (judge selected)
  • Best Terrain
  • Painting Masterclass
    • Best in Show – The judges choice of the best miniature in the show
    • Hero of Sigmar – Best single miniature
    • The Godbeast –Best Behemoth/large model
    • The Chosen – Best Unit
    • The Unbound – Open Category winner

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