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XL: Stormcast Eternals in General’s Handbook 2017

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Hello and welcome to the first AoS Shorts XL – a slightly longer show allowing a more in-depth coverage of a particular topic.  Today, I’m joined by Shaun Bates, currently New Zealand’s #1 Age of Sigmar tournament gamer, to talk about Stormcast Eternals in General’s Handbook 2017.

Shaun has had great success running different Stormcast lists on our local scene.  In particular, he has gotten the most out of underutilised units to build synergistic mixed arms lists and win tournaments.

In this show, we cover Stormcast as an army in Age of Sigmar, their strengths and weaknesses, some ideas for builds around Palladors, and some general tips for improving your tournament success with Stormcast.

Later in the week, I’ll expand this blog post with a summary of this interview – so you have all the key points in one place.  You can find more information on the AoS Shorts General’s Handbook 2017 page.

You can find Shaun on Twitter at @AoSShaun89 and me at @antipodean7. Also check out the Mortally Wounded podcast and it’s great minisode on the Vanguard Wing

Let us know what you think of the new format, audio quality etc. as we experimented with some new equipment.

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