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Tournament Round-Up

Hey all, doing a quick Age of Sigmar tournament round-up to catch-up on events from the last two weekends. Here you’ll find the results and lists from events in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Oklahoma, California and Quebec! The ADFA ANZAC Cup, the Warhammer Championship for Australia Heat 1, Iron Realms, the Broadside Bash and the Tireux D’des Grand Clash respectively. The common theme is Flesh-Eater Courts and Skaven continue to perform well and take a large number of podium spots.

If you want to see what is coming up check out the Age of Sigmar Tournament Calendar ( and use the Google Calendar I update, or if you are running an event get in touch at [email protected].

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Age of Sigmar

The ADFA ANZAC Cup (Canberra)

The ADFA ANZAC Cup was held in early April in Canberra. A two-day, five game event run by the Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association.

The awards:

  • Best General
    • 1st: Ashley McEwan (Nighthaunt)
    • 2nd: James Moorhouse (Order Draconis)
    • 3rd: Steve Gibb (Gloomspite Gitz)
  • Best Painted
    • 1st: Brandt Cers
    • 2nd: Ben Spinetti
    • 3rd: Andrew Bigwood
  • Best Sports
    • Nathan Princi (19 out of 30 players got best sports nominations!)

You can find the full results on TTT and the full lists here.

The lists for the podium places were:

Mr Stats, LLV and the Honest Wargamer, provided the breakdown of the event meta here. As you can see, Australia still going strong with some Order Serpentis!

Ash, the event winner, also kindly sent through some photos of the event (held in the same venue as CanCon).

The Warhammer Champs for Australia (Heat 1)

Australia’s new Warhammer Championship Store at Mt Gravatt recently played host to the first heat in the Australian Age of Sigmar Grand Championship. 24 players competing for 6 spaces in the Grand Final over 4/5 May.

The results were:

  • Best General
    • 1st: Michael Creighton (FEC)
    • 2nd: Gabe (Legion of Azgorh)
    • 3rd: Jack (???)
    • Other qualifiers: James, Hayden, Keaghan
  • Favourite Player
    • Christopher
  • Best Presented Army
    • James Lynch (Blades of Khorne)

Some photos from the event and of the Warhammer Championship Store

Best painted went to James Lynch and his stunning Blades of Khorne army.

Gabe’s army (that came second in the event) was also a great looking Legion of Azgorh army with a cool centrepiece conversion.

Iron Realms GT (Oklahoma)

The Iron Realms GT, another five game, two-day event in Oklahoma, USA.

You can find the full results on Best Coast Pairings and below.

The next gallery has the podium placing lists – with a special shout out to Scott who piloted his Wanderers to 6th place. You can find all the other lists on Best Coast Pairings.

The Broadside Bash (California)

The Broadside Bash is a Californian multi-system event now in its 10th year. Age of Sigmar has been growing from year to year at the Broadside Bash.

The top 12 players were:

And the podium winning lists:

And some pictures courtesy of Alex Ramirez.

The Tireux D’des Grand Clash (Quebec)

The Tireuz D’des Grand Clash was a 40+ player Age of Sigmar event held in Quebec with 6 games over two days. This is one of the largest Age of Sigmar events held in Canada. You can check out the Facebook group, or the pack (French, English), for more details on the event.

The full results were:

The podium lists were:

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