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US Age of Sigmar Event Modular Pack

Hey guys, today I’m joined by Chuck Moore, US wargamer, to talk about the new US Age of Sigmar Event Modular Pack released by the US Age of Sigmar Community group.  The sound quality is not the best again unfortunately, as we were recording over the internet, but the content is gold.

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US Age of Sigmar Event Modular Pack

The pack is an invaluable resource for Age of Sigmar players and event organisers alike and has been compiled by a large group of members of the Age of Sigmar community.  At 50 pages, it provides a range of pick and choose options for organising an Age of Sigmar event.  The pack contains the following modules:

  • Introduction and ethos – Unifying without Homogenising
  • Social Interaction and community growth
  • Player responsibility (“the social contract”)
  • Choosing a venue
  • Terrain
  • Painting
  • Narrative
  • Scenario selection
  • House rules
  • Sportsmanship
  • Scoring

All of these modules are guidelines that you can use whether you are attending or running a local, regional or national event.  The pack intends to help whether you are dealing with an 8 player local store event or a 200 player national extravaganza.

Check the site and the US event calendar at the new US Age of Sigmar Community site.  It is also the best way to get in touch with the group, give feedback on the pack or submit an event to the calendar.

The Realm Gate blog

You can find Chuck on Twitter as @odiamh or at his excellent Realm Gate blog.  Chuck provides painting, hobby and lore updates twice a week.  Definitely check out his back story on Morathi in the lead up to the Daughters of Khaine release.

Nova Open Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament

Chuck is also the tournament organiser for the Nova Open Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament this year.  Nova is the East Coast’s Largest Tabletop Wargaming Convention (over 1,300 gamers attended in 2016).  Held in the Washington DC area from 30 August to 2 September, you can find all the details here.  Registrations open on 1 March!

Get in touch!

I’d be really interested to hear if other countries or regions have a similar pack, set of resources, or shared community FAQ.  The more we can share information as members of the global Age of Sigmar community, the more we can grow the scene through great events!  Get in touch on Twitter, at AoS Shorts on Facebook or through this site.

For more great Age of Sigmar resources, check out the resources pages, for players and tournament organisers.

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