AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

AoS Shorts Competition – your great advice!

Hi all, so I ran a competition on Twitter asking for people to submit their best “AoS Shorts” – whether it was strategy advice, a lore snippet or an epic battlefield tale.  As long as it fitted in 280 characters, it counted.  The winner would get a pair of realmgates posted worldwide.

Now, I got a lot of great entries, so I wanted to set them all out here organised by category 🙂  In the end it was a tough call, with Drakira4’s great all-round advice, Anthony’s chess advice, Dillon’s root kings, Nico’s contrarian matched play advice, threat ranges and retreating all up there.  But in the end, I went for the choice that combined as much advice as possible into a single tweet, in true AoS Shorts style, and that was @Drakira4.  Congratulations, the realmgates are in the post.

Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to run some more competitions in the future!

Age of Sigmar matched play and strategy advice

  • Strategic Advice I follow from Chess Mastermind Arthur Bisguier; *Look at your opponent’s move; *Make the best possible move, *Have a plan *Know what the pieces are worth *Control the center *Keep your king safe, *Know when to trade pieces, *Think about the end game, *Always be alert
    • @anthonymagro


  • My #aosshorts happens ever time I am teaching someone new to AoS. When I let them make their first charge, pile in, and attacks I always back them up and explain how to stop your charge 1/2″ away in order to maximize pile in and watch their eyes light up with potential tactics.
    • @odiamh


  • #aosshorts Laugh when things go wrong. Take the strategy seriously, maybe not so much the game; the dice will abandon you at some point! Just shake it off and play into it. Even better if you’re an army of lunatics like goblins or rats! 😀
    • @sonicsledge


  • #aosshorts new matched player advice? 1. Pick an army you are drawn to! 2. Play it until you know your scrolls off by heart. 3. Play scenarios till you know them by heart. 4. The hardest stage – “know thy enemy”. Complete 2&3 and you ALWAYS have a chance. No matter the situation
    • @Drakira4


  • #aosshorts Have fun, and make sure your opponent does as well.
    • @the_john_harper


  • #aosshorts Contrarian Matched Play Advice (1) play with as many different armies as you can (build, borrow, swap with club mate for a game); and (2) read every Warscroll/Battalion and know the gist of what it does. You’ll see things coming on the table and rarely be surprised.
    • @niconarwhal


  • #aosshorts My biggest tactical revelation came when I stopped looking at Movement/Charge/Weapon Range separately and began looking at their sum to get to “maximum threat ranges” that represent units’ abilities to reach out and hit things.
    • @Nashofsigmar


  • #aosshorts – don’t forget you have the option to retreat. So many people throw away opportunities to get a result by submitting to the grind, where key pieces may be pinned. Consider a strategic withdrawal to a good spot for the following turn and move up a screen if needs be.
    • @AOSBatrep


  • #aosshorts I’ve never ended a game and thought, “I wish I’d retreated less”
    • @PlasticCraic


  • For the special tactics, always consider the idea of leaving the first turn to your adversary, many players will try and advance as much as they can, and will end up with their army in the middle of the battlefield, completely exposed to charges and ranged attacks!
    • @epicmay2


  • #aosshorts once I have my army list figured out. I make a checklist for each phase to go through so I don’t forget all of the combos and special abilities! Really helps especially in tournaments where time can be an issue.
    • @GLWL1


  • Download OneNote and make a list of ALL the the abilities your army has when in what phase you need to use them so that you never miss that extra save or forget that spell you picked! My biggest issue is forgetting useful tools I have at my disposal!
    • @ArtefactofDeath


  • #aosshorts Allow your opponent to reposition models slightly from an already-moved unit in the same movement phase, but don’t demand the same courtesy. As we know, placement is critical in AoS. It’s easy to make mistakes when strict sequencing is enforced.
    • @scrubyandwells


  • My best “AoS short” is… …
    • @Rhellion
    • ED: Brad graciously referencing his own Masterclass interview…


  • #aosshorts want to get better? Play against @Rhellion all the time! LOL still working on getting that first W, but I’ll get there!
    • @EDejmal


  • My fav was this one on Threat Assessment. … It was also actually short which was everything I loved about your initial offerings. 😉 #aosshorts
    • @ginger_buddha


  • The Pallador Whisperer episode. I disbelieved. I mocked even the notion. Then St. Pallador himself revealed the secrets of the unit. I now own 6.
    • @Hobby_Bear


  • Get gud by following #aosshorts, simple as that. From gaming advice to lore in one place, AoS Shorts is the one stop short for all your shorting needs.
    • @Thornshield


Age of Sigmar lore and hobby snippets

  • #aosshorts : local community building steps. Make a club name, make a Facebook page for the club. Drop off flyers at shops. Play at as many different shops as possible. Make contacts through twitter and TGA. Plan events with something for all aspects of hobby
    • @NeilLarocca


  • #aosshorts 1. Always respect your opponent’s paint. If there is paint on the model.. they’re trying. 2. Always pick the army you like the look of first. 3. Read that bit of the battletome in the front, it’ll help with motivation to finish painting. 4. Spiders.. always Spiders..
    • @Pjschard


  • #aosshorts Malign Portents What we know so far.. Great Roundup of the lore!
    • @PJschard


  • Despite being very dead, Doggrok’s still in charge. His skull is carried around on a big stick by Weirdnob Shaman Ka-rokk, who channels Doggrok’s many commands from the other side. He’s even told them to paint war checks on their bold blue armour #aosshorts
    • @KheldarUK


  • Blight City, home the Skaven, is a smog-filled warren of industry and alchemy that clings to the edge of the Realm of Chaos. From this hidden city the Council of Thirteen governs all of Skavendom, and a thousand tunnels are gnawed through the fabric of reality. #aosshorts
    • @DistractdSatrap


  • Once, an unlucky Arch-Warlock, accompanied by a disciple of his, a Warlock Engineer, had to battle a host of Bloodletters and Skullcrushers, lead by a Blood-throne at their fore. Eventually, the two managed to survive, felling many daemons by lightning and steel!
    • @epicmay2


  • “Where is our lord? Oh, god of storms, why did you not save the bravest and wisest of us all? You cursed me to a thousand years of dreams, to ponder my weakness and my loss. I walk anew as a god among men. Yet, our king’s throne is empty of all but dust and echoes” #aosshorts
    • @CV_Consigliere


  • The diminutive half-men scattered across the realms are rightly feared. Those who fall in their hunts don’t die slowly, you see. Instead, the capricious monsters prefer that you languish inside their “hot pots” until ready for consumption
    • @darrenbogus


  • #aosshorts Little lore I’m working on: “As their blades interlocked both fighters strained with effort. Khael could smell its putrid breath even behind his face mask. Suddenly he stopped resisting & spinning with a flash of steel removed the enemies head as it stumbled forward.”
    • @bjakubow


  • Ironjawz Orruks have a paricularly unique way of respecting their dead. Those in Gordrakk’s own warband will take the heads of their fallen, fastening them to items like banners so that they may witness and participate in future waaaghs even in the afterlife. #aosshorts
    • @msdosferatu


  • The Moonclan tribes are barely sane at the best of times, so their invention of the Mangler Squig is hardly surprising. Essentially it is two Great Cave Squigs chained together, which are poked repeatedly until they’re utterly furious and then hurled at the enemy. #aosshorts
    • @Dangermouse425


  • #aosshorts I really enjoyed the last episode: Nagash, his story, lore and background. Half time old world and half time AoS. Perfect! Thanks
    • @settrarules


  • can we talk about root-kings for a hot second? Duardin living in the realm of life, making their homes deep underground (probably in tree roots) and their weapons out of seedpods and the like. Just imagine duardin with tree bark type stuff for armor, vine beards, etc. #aosshorts
    • @dillon_kw


  • Would love to hear more lore episodes. #aosshorts My favourite so far was the missions analysis. Really help refocussing the attention on the winning conditions.
    • @Dulesjoe

Age of Sigmar battlefield tales

  • This one time, at Masters, @mattwatkinson85 charged 9 Enlightened into the lone Kemmler, aka “Necromancer with Hat”. He attacked first with another unit, and in my activation I used Cloak of Mist and Shadows to zip out combat to safety and sit on a vacant objective… #aosshorts
    • @TronhammerNZ


  • #aosshorts My best AoS Short is make sure to deploy your Bloodsecrator in a safe place from Stormborn Slayers(or Other alpha strike) otherwise they’ll hit you with 4 star soul maces (or equivalent) bottom of round 1!
    • @LordBaerion


  • AoS Shorts, a great strategy tip I have from personal experience is always be careful of deadly terrain because you can always roll a 1 even after rolling 4 1’s on another unit. It’s best to stay clear unless you just want to risk it and play destruction like a beast and run it.
    • @Fraserb775


  • As @LordBaerion, @NashofSigmar and @MohawkMike138 will attest, 30 bloodletters with 2 Killing Frenzy Prayers and Damned Terrain, near a bloodletters hero with the Crimson Crown is fun INCARNATE. Mortal wounding and generating extra attacks on 2s to hit, rerolling 1s.
    • @bigjables


  • Last adepticon: my wrathmongers made a bloodthirster hit himself and he triggered his 8″ mortal wound explosion. He said “which of us takes the damage?” I said “let’s just blow everything up?” He agreed. There was an empty 8″ circle on the field and no thirster. Best #aosshorts
    • @ReverendDangles


  • New to the hobby so not got a lot to go on but so far my fav thing is playing with the gf & her plaguebearer basically saving several attacks by slufting away it’s skin and getting her a draw from the jaws of defeat. His name is now forever slufty and I hate him. #aosshorts
    • @anthonytpoole


  • #aosshorts In a Skirmish game I had one Dispossessed Warrior with axe and shield go toe-to-toe with a Megaboss for 4 whole turns before falling under the Orruks Choppa. He was able to hold the boss up and allowed his warband to achieve their objective.
    • @Brent_Buckland



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