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Blood Tithe International Age of Sigmar Team Tournament – lists and results

This last weekend, the first Blood Tithe was held – an international Age of Sigmar team tournament held in London, United Kingdom involving twenty teams of four people playing five games, 2000pts, General’s Handbook 2017 matched play.  The event was run by Marc Wilson in a great debut event, in association with the South London Legion,, Dark Satanic Mills (terrain) and the London Grand Tournament.

In this post, you’ll find the Age of Sigmar team tournament pack, entrants, the Age of Sigmar lists from each team and the overall results.  Check out Marc’s Twitter feed and #bloodtithe for great photos and coverage of the weekend.

Finally, I’ve been compiling an international Age of Sigmar tournament pack and list archive to be a resource for Age of Sigmar players and tournament organisers.  If you are running an event, I’d love for you to get in touch, either through this site or Twitter, so I can share your event, pack and lists.

Blood Tithe, Age of Sigmar team tournament pack

Blood Tithe was a 5 game , 4-man team tournament, using a “Swiss Pairings” method for determining opponents from Round 2 onwards.

Age of Sigmar team pairings system

Like all team tournaments, a pairings system was used for the teams to determine individual match-ups within each round.   The aim for each team is to engineer the most favourable match-ups for their team on average (which can often mean some poor team member has to take one for the team in a very hard game).  This is how the pairings system worked at Blood Tithe:

  • Each team was given four cards marked on the reverse with one of with their four armies.
  • Team A – Chaos, Blades of Khorne, Stormcast, Destruction
  • Team B – Death, Order, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth
  • Team A chooses to put forward Chaos (presented face down)
  • Team B chooses to put forward Order (presented face down)
  • Selections are revealed
  • Team A chooses to put down Blades of Khorne and Stormcast as options to play against  the Order (presented face down)
  • Team B chooses to put down Death and Sylvaneth as options to play against Chaos (presented face down)
  • Choices revealed 
  • Team A chooses between Death and Sylvaneth as to who Chaos will face, let͛’s say Death.
  • Team B chooses between Blades of Khorne and Stormcast as to who Order will face; let͛’s say Blades of Khorne.
  • Choices are revealed
  • The choice Team A refused faces the remaining card in Team B͛’s hand – Destruction
  • The choice Team B refused faces the remaining army in Team A͛’s hand – Fyreslayers
  • Resulting in:
    • Chaos v Death
    • Order v Blades of Khorne
    • Sylvaneth v Destruction
    • Fyreslayers v Stormcast

Age of Sigmar team list restrictions

There were also a couple of rules regarding list selection to encourage inventive team list design.  The fun of team tournaments is crafting a balanced set of lists across the team which can be paired into favourable match-ups.

  • No two armies on the same team may have a duplicate warscroll, nor a duplicate allegiance.

  • Units added via reserve points are not subject to these restrictions.

Secret Missions

As well as the five General’s Handbook 2017 scenarios, the event also had secret missions in play.   Each team was presented with a deck of four custom Secret Mission cards (identical for each team).  Before each game, but after individual pairings, these cards had to be divided up within the team before each game with each player receiving a maximum of two and minimum of zero cards.  As is clear from the name, players would keep these missions secret until they were achieved, at which point, they were revealed to their opponents.

  • Secret Mission 1: Incalculable numbers – Destroy any three enemy Battleline units.
  • Secret Mission 2: Precision Strike – Destroy the enemy General and / or two enemy Leader warscrolls by the end of battleround two.
  • Secret Mission 3: Bring down the beast – Destroy an enemy Behemoth with a Battleline unit in the Combat Phase.
  • Secret Mission 4: Sustained Attack – Destroy any two enemy units during your own turn – either by killing them or causing them to flee to battleshock. You must reveal this card in the turn in which yo u attempt it, at the beginning of the hero phase, before any other actions are taken.

Team scoring system

The following scoring system was in play.

  • Major Win: 30
  • Minor Win: 20
  • Draw: 15
  • Minor Loss: 10
  • Major Loss: 5
  • Secret Mission 5 (per mission)

Individual player points were capped at 30 points per round.  Total team points per round were capped at 100/50.

  • Tie Breaker 1 – Uncapped TP total.
  • Tie Breaker 2 – Most Secret Missions TPs.
  • Tie Breaker 3 – Most Major Victories.

For more information, you can find a full copy of the pack here (Blood Tithe Pack) and full details and discussion over at TGA.

Blood Tithe: entrants list

Team USA USA Arthur Treitl Justin Schenck Phillip Ball Anthony Sweat
Paris Peacocks FRA Pierre-Gilles Stehr Romain “Eretz” Bdlt François Tassaint Rémi Heraud
Team Norn NIR Andy Kane David Neagle Colin Cochrane John Dorrian
South London Leftovers ENG Craig Bowles John Burgess Declan Wynne Alex Clark
Team Carry Jones – Aberdeen SCO Ryhs Inglis Scott Gray Mark Tootill Ruairidh Jones
Cursed With Years ENG Paul Whitehead Adrian McWalter Simon Eccles Max Halford
SLL B-team ENG Leo Rautonen Rob Bradley Ben Savva Ben Murphy
Only the Filthful ENG Nicholas Ruesink-Brown Ben Raven James Grant Tom Lambert
Ninja Badgers ENG Paul Buckler Richard Buckler Lauire Hugget Wilde Richard Morley
Winners’ (?) ENG Jack Armstrong Craig Navmar Chris Myhill Mark Wildman
Crown of Champions GER Alexander Zwißler Dietmar Zwißler
Andreas Steckmeier
Charles Fryer
The Spoons /  Sweden ENG William Crankshaw Jonatan Edlund Andy Hughes Graham Dane
Team Norway NOR Alexander Nygård Christiam Sundvor TBC TBC
Team Hydra ENG Greg Dann Dan Comeau Joe McGough Mike Wills
Marauders ENG Tony Moore Tom Mawdsley Nigel Chorlton Mark Busby
Team Rocksteady ENG John Southgate Tomasz Namielski Jamie Field Johnny Armstrong
La Gauntinière FRA Guillaume Garnier Christophe Salemi Antoine Parrain Simon Blais
Team Wales WAL Tom Loyn TBC TBC TBC
Angel ENG Owyn Abrams Donal Taylor Matt Hinton Adam Cunis
I am Brucicus ENG Kieron A Will Barton Dan Bradshaw Darren Watson

Blood Tithe, Results

So the Blood Tithe results were:

  • Team Winners – Winners (?) (UK)
    • Jack Armstrong, Craig Navmar, Chris Myhill, Mark Wildman

Blood Tithe

  • Team Runners Up – I am Brucus (UK)
    • Kieran, Ric Myhill, Dan Bradshaw, Darren Watson

Blood Tithe

  • Team Third Place – Marauders (UK)
    • Tony Moore, Tom Mawdsley, Nigel Chorlton, Mark Busby

Blood Tithe

  • Best International Team – La Guantiniere (France)
    • Guillaume Garnier, Christophe Salemi, Antoine Parrain, Simon Blais

Blood Tithe

  • Best Sports – Crown of Champions (Germany)
    • Alexander Zwißler, Dietmar Zwißler, Andreas Steckmeier, Charles Fryer

Blood Tithe

Blood Tithe

Blood Tithe, Age of Sigmar team tournament lists

You can find the full set of lists here.

The winning team’s lists were:

A full list review with the Honest Wargamer is here.

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