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Army Showcase: Danny Cashman’s Kharadron Overlords

As some of you may have seen, Danny Cashman’s Kharadron Overlords army swept the painting and sportsmanship awards at the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2 this last weekend.  In an absolutely amazing effort, Danny won every single painting category, except for “best unit”:

  • Best hero
  • Best behemoth
  • Best army nomination
  • Best army trophy
  • Favourite player
  • Favourite player trophy
  • Knight of the inner circle trophy

Its rare that an army has such an impact on an event, so I just had to try and get some pictures from him to share with everyone.

Kharadron Overlords

Now, the Warhammer Community team has taken some professional photos of Danny’s army, so look out for the article soon, but in the mean time.  Here are all the great pics Danny had to hand.

For more of Danny, check out his Instagram.  For more about Heat 2, check out the results and top lists in my coverage post.

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