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Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2 Lists and Results

Hey all, the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2 was held at Warhammer World over this last weekend.  You can catch up on the games and the atmosphere over on the Warhammer Twitch stream.

Heat 2 Results

The top 3 were:

Check out their lists and the full results below.   If you are interested in other top tournament lists and results, check out the archive.  Also, give Gary’s Masterclass show on his Kharadron Overlords lists a listen – great insights 🙂

And in terms of the hobby, it really was the Danny Cashman awards – you can check out pictures of the painting nominations and Danny’s Ironclad below.   But Danny took out:

  • Best hero
  • Best behemoth
  • Best army nomination
  • Best army trophy
  • Favourite player
  • Favourite player trophy
  • Knight of the inner circle trophy

Well done Danny!  For pictures of Danny’s army check out his Army Showcase and his Instagram.

First place – Martin Morrin

Heat 2 lists

Second place – Mike Callahan

Heat 2 lists

Third Place – Gary Percival

Full Heat 2 Results

Painting Nominations

Here are a selection of photos of the armies nominated for painting awards.  The photos are courtesy of Scott who attended the event.  Hopefully they tide you over until official pics come out.

Also check out LED Nagash and Danny Cashman’s ridiculous Ironclad.

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