AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Basics of Brushes and Brush Care

Today is a new video from Troy at Sonic Sledgehammer Studio about the basics of Brushes and Brush Care.  As I announced last week, I’ve partnered with Troy to add a range of Age of Sigmar painting tutorials to the site.   All part of the plan to be an invaluable resource for all aspects of the hobby.

Brushes and Painting

More than anything else, people ask “What brushes do you use?” In the main it’s Citadel brushes – they’re easy to source and they’re of pretty reliable quality, with an example of such in the video – but when it comes to something specific, I’ll go anywhere for a brush that does what I want!

Synthetics make good choices for brushes you aren’t too worried about knocking around a little bit. They’re generally a bit cheaper than natural brushes, and while replacing them means you’ll probably end up spending about the same amount over a year, you’ll be able to drybrush or stipple away to your heart’s content. Use whatever you can find!

How I Paint Things is a series of simple instructional videos designed to help the newcomer through some of the basics and demonstrate how the very simplest techniques can still give you some great results that’re easily replicated. Aimed at the beginner to painting miniatures, there might be one or two tips or tricks that help even you old hands!

Further Painting Resources

You can also check him out on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter as well as support him through Patreon and Ko-fi.  There is also the hobby section of the site, including the Creator Class and Army Showcase series for more inspiration.

For more Age of Sigmar painting videos, check out Vince VenturellaMengel Miniatures and Warhammer TV.

And, finally, as always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive.  Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar


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