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Bendigo Bush Bash Bonanza 2018

Hey everyone, two Age of Sigmar events this weekend to report on, 9,660 miles apart – the Bendigo Bush Bash Bonanza in Victoria, Australia and the Dragon Fall GT, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA.  In this post, I cover the Bush Bash Bonanza event packs, the results, the awards, top lists and all the coverage of the events. The Dragon Fall GT post will be up in the next day or so.

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Age of Sigmar

Bendigo Bush Bash Bonanza

The Bendigo Bush Bash Bonanza was hosted by my favourite Australian wargaming club from the bush, Measured Gaming.  Check out the club profile on the site for all the details about the club.

The Bush Bash was 5 rounds, 2,000 points, GHB18, Malign Sorcery (but not Firestorm).  Check out the full pack.

There was also some fun swag to be had simply by turning up.

Bush Bash

Realms and Malign Sorcery House Rules

The Bush Bash operated under a number of house rules relating to Malign Sorcery and the realms.  These were:

1. Battles will be taken place in the realm of Bogans. This realm has one rule. If you table your opponent by turn 3 it is customary to go to the bar and buy them a drink.

2. Picking a realm while writing a list will allow you access to the command ability(s), artefacts AND will unlock the spells for that particular realm.

3. All wizards in your army will know the realmsphere magic spell from your realm.

4. Wizards may pick ONE additional spell from the realm lore OR your allegiances lore. Eg. A necromancer may know one spell from the Legions of Nagash battletome, while another knows one spell from the Shyish lore.

5. When submitting your army list, make sure to add in the realm spells you will be using. As these are house rules you will not be able to do it on warscroll builder.

The Scenarios

The scenarios were announced on the day and were:

  1. Places of Arcane Power
  2. Better Part of Valour
  3. Relocating Orb
  4. Total Commitment
  5. Focal Points

Bush Bash Results and Awards

Jesse Perkins took out the event with his Daughters of Khaine, as well as picking up best painted.  Luke Ingram got best sports.

Bush Bash

Bush Bash Top Age of Sigmar Lists

The top five at the Bush Bash were:

  1. Jesse Perkins – Daughters of Khaine (HaggNar Temple Nest)
  2. Joel McGrath – Hosts of Slaanesh (Seekers)
  3. Lachie Mulcahy – Daughters of Khaine (Khailebron)
  4. Mathew Tyrrell – Legion of Blood (VLOZD)
  5. Corey Ford – Blades of Khorne (Council of Blood)

Their lists for the top 5 are below. Check out all the lists here and the list review show from the Measured Gaming lads (@PlasticCraic, @vlossr, @SpookyLukeMG and @JoelMcGrathMG).

First – Jesse Perkins – Daughters of Khaine

Second – Joel McGrath – Hosts of Slaanesh

Third – Lachie Mulcahy – Daughters of Khaine

Fourth – Mathew Tyrrell – Legion of Blood

Bush Bash

Fifth – Corey Ford – Khorne

Bush Bash

Bush Bash Pictures and Coverage

Finally, I’ve collected a number of photos off various people from Twitter.  If there are any more pictures or epic stories that should be recorded for posterity, please get in touch 🙂





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