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BrisVegas Open Results

This weekend also saw 90+ players attend the BrisVegas Open at Briscon in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to battle it out in a hot tin shed. This post covers the pack, the results, awards and pictures of the event. However, the story of the weekend has to Nick Guthrie’s 31 drop Gitmob Grots list with all the Snotling Pump Wagons in Australia.

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Age of Sigmar

BrisVegas Open Pack

The BrisVegas Open was fought over five rounds using realm artefacts but not full realm rules. The organisers also used a unique approach to scoring. Check out the full pack here.

Bris Vegas Open will be trying a new way of scoring Major and minor victories, this will be based on the difference between the score at the end of the game.

The exact differences will be listed on the tournament scoring sheet at the be-ginning of the weekend.

As an example: Battle for the Pass, if you beat your opponent by 6VP or more you will win a major victory, if you beat your opponent by 1—5VP you will win a minor victo-ry.

The aim of this is to more accurately reflect the outcome of a game being close or a crushing defeat.

  • Painting and Army List Points Total 35TP
    • Army list submitted on time 5TP
    • Army list submitted in correct format 5TP
    • Army is painted to minimum standard 15TP
    • Army is painted to a higher standard (per rubric) up to 25TP
  • Gaming/Battle Points Total 100TP
    • Available points per game 20TP
    • Major Victory 16TP
    • Minor Victory 12TP
    • Draw 8TP
    • Minor Loss 4TP
    • Major Loss 0 TP
    • Secondary Objective 4TP
  • Sports Points Total 30TP
    • Sports Points per game 5TP
    • At least one Best Opponent Vote 5TP
  • TOTAL 165 TP

BrisVegas Open Results

The full results will be published to Tabletop.TO, however, for now, here are the top 10. Australian Masters qualifier, Andrew Wright, took out the win with Fyreslayers.

Other results were:

  • Best Painted: James Lynch
  • Best Sports: Josh Maher

BrisVegas Open Top Lists

You can access all the lists in the Google Drive here and check out all the list coverage over on the Rune Axe Wargaming Facebook page.

BrisVegas Open Picture Gallery

And a collection of pictures from the weekend.

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