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CanCon 2019 – Results and Awards

Hey all, this weekend has been an amazing weekend of Age of Sigmar at CanCon 2019, the world’s (joint) biggest Age of Sigmar tournament ever. In a supreme weekend for Warhammer with CanCon, the UK Masters and Waaaaghpaca, this has easily been the best event I’ve ever attended. Almost 200 wargamers from Australia, New Zealand and the US going hammer and tongs over 6 games.

Be sure to check out all the coverage and live streaming over on the Honest Wargamer and the Heralds of War Facebook page. The Heralds guys, and Clint Mallet the TO in particular, have put on a great event in the 40 degree heat of the Australian summer. There is a hall full of happy gamers as a result of the efforts of Clint and his team.

You can also read my full report of the weekend, and see the score breakdowns and results.

CanCon 2019 Awards

CanCon 2019 was taken out by the man, the champ, Matt Campbell with his Gore Pilgrims list. The only man to take 6 major victories across the weekend and he smashed the secondary objectives as well. The fact that his Gore Pilgrims list with two Bloodthirsters succeeded against a Barak Zilfin Kharadron Overlords list with all the shooting in the world is a testament to Matt’s skill with the army.

Honourable mentions must go to Alex Krohn with his Kharadron Overlords, which won 5 major wins (shooting is back!), as well as the Warherds, Swifthawk Agents, Mixed Destruction, and Scourge Privateer lists which surprised all over the weekend. The Australian scene has a truly unique perspective that sees army stats as a challenge rather than gospel.

First Place

    : Matt Campbell (Gore Pilgrims)

Second Place

    : Nick Hoen (Grand Host of Nagash)

Third Place

    : Michael Thomson (Grand Host of Nagash)


    : Joel McGrath (Beasts of Chaos)


    : Nathan Princi (Stormcast)


    : Ken Van’t Schip (Idoneth)


    : Eddi MacMichael (Daughters)


    : Chris Tot (Maggotkin)


    : Matt Tyrell (Legion of Blood)


    : Tim Neal (Legion of Azgorh)
  • Best in Chaos: Joel McGrath (Beasts of Chaos)
  • Best in Death: Matt Tyrell (Legion of Blood)
  • Best in Destruction: Joel Hennessy (Gloomspite – SQUIGS!)
  • Best in Order: Nathan Princi (Stormcast)
  • Best Opponent:
    • Third: Brod McMurdo
    • Second: Seth Cook (Goonboss)
    • First: Josh Best
  • Coolest Army – Player’s Choice:
    • Third: Dan Carroll (Freeguild)
    • Second: Tim Barclay (Sylvaneth)
    • First: Blake Kerwick (FEC)
  • Best Painted Army – Judge’s Choice:
    • Third: James Lynch (Blades of Khorne)
    • Second: Danny Carroll (Freeguild)
    • First: Brent Cers (Freeguild)
  • Best Terrain:
    • Third: Randy (the Tasmanian TombKing)
    • Second: Tim Barclay (Forest Treehouses)
    • First: Ben Spinetti (Deepkin waves)
  • Wooden Spoon: Ashley Marr (Beasts of Chaos)
  • Narrative Prize Winners:
    • “Pat” / Pasquale
    • Tristan Smith
    • Jet
    • Randy
    • Ashley Marr
    • Evie
    • Alex Gordon-Carlyle
    • Tim Barclay
    • Luke Stone
    • Pasquale #2

CanCon 2019 Lists

Check out all the lists over on the Honest Wargamer here and watch all the coverage back on YouTube here. You can also watch all the Doom and Darkness list review shows and see how the predictions went against reality.

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