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Gloomspite Gitz Review: Part 3 – Synergies

Hi all, just a quick Gloomspite Gitz post while I am on the way to CanCon – the world’s largest AoS event ever at 200+ players! When I started my Gloomspite Gitz coverage, I said I would have a series of posts covering different aspects of the battletome. Now I’ve already covered the Top 10 and Allegiance Abilites, but today I have the synergies.

Gloomspite Gitz Synergies

Last week, I joined Vince and Tom on Warhammer Weekly (the best Age of Sigmar YouTube channel) to talk all bout Gloomspite Gitz synergies, combos and army builds. Check out the show here:

I’ll return to add some bullet points about what we covered in the show after CanCon.

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