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Masterclass: Andrew Standiferd on Stormcast & the current tournament scene

Hey everyone, welcome to another Masterclass show.  Andrew Standiferd joins the show to talk Stormcast tournament lists, the current meta (pre-Deepkin) and how to get better as a tournament player.  Andrew is a two time winner of the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Championships, which this year had more than 90 players from across the US and even the UK.  You can find all my coverage of the LVO here.

Stormcast tournament list

When I get a chance, I’ll return and update this blog post with the key bullet points of Andrew’s discussion.

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Andrew Standiferd’s Stormcast list from the Las Vegas Open

Las Vegas Open 1

Stormcast tournament lists in the current meta

We recorded the show in the lead up to Adepticon, so it reflects the tournament scene as it stood with Maggotkin, Legions of Nagash and Daughters of Khaine released but Deepkin as yet unknown in any great detail.  We also didn’t touch much on the Les Martin TM Stormcast build (which is still proving effective – check out the results of the Warhammer GT Heat 2), but that is covered in lots of detail over on the Facehammer podcast and elsewhere.

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