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Las Vegas Open: Top 10 Age of Sigmar Lists

So the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Championships was held over the weekend in, you guessed it, Las Vegas.  Warhammer Live and the Warhammer Community team were there in attendance and you can check out all the coverage over on the Warhammer Live Twitch channel.

Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Championships

Before we get into the army lists, a big congratulations to Scott Reed (the tournament organiser), Elric Edge (of the Rolling Bad podcast) and everyone else who worked so hard to put on an excellent event.  90+ gamers, including some travelling Brits, having a great weekend of Age of Sigmar.

Now the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Championships were held over 7 rounds, using 2,000 point armies in General’s Handbook 2017 scenarios.  The pack can be found here and here.

Las Vegas Open – the results

I don’t have the full results, or all the award placings, but Samuel Valdez (who attended the event) kindly sent me through the top 10 and the lists.  Once I get a chance, I will try to add all the remaining lists into the list archive, and provide some commentary on the top 10.

Drumroll please….

So the final standings were:

  • Andrew Standiferd – Vanguard Wing
  • James Thomas – Changehost
  • Tony Moore – Changehost
  • Oliver Gandouet – Mixed Order
  • Michael Burch – Skyfires
  • Joe Krier – Changehost
  • Bill Souza – Nurgle
  • Jarrett Zazuetta – “Kroak-nado”
  • Jeff Paynter – Skyfires
  • Mike Scaletti – Gore Pilgrims

*get in touch and let me know the Twitter handles of the people I’ve missed.

Perhaps unsurprising, Disciples of Tzeentch were the power to be reckoned with.  No change there….

The top army lists at LVO 2018

So the army lists, in reverse order.

10. Mike Scaletti – Gore Pilgrims army list

Las Vegas Open

9. Jeff Paynter – Skyfires and Skin Wolves

Las Vegas Open 9

8. Jarrett Zazuetta – Kroaknado Seraphon list

Las Vegas Open 87. Bill Souza – Maggotkin List

Las Vegas Open 7

6. Joe Krier – Changehost

Las Vegas Open 6

5. Michael Burch – Disciples of Tzeentch

Las Vegas Open 5

4. Olivier Gandouet – Mixed Order

Las Vegas Open 4

3. Tony Moore – Changehost

Las Vegas Open 32. James Thomas – Changehost

Las Vegas Open 2

1. Andrew Standiferd – Vanguard Wing

Las Vegas Open 1


Further Reading

For advice on how to write a successful Age of Sigmar list listening to this show, or any of the Masterclass episodes with top US and UK gamers.   Also, check out the list archive for other top lists from tournaments around the world.

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    1. James Thomas here,
      I used Rod of Sorcery and Staff on my LoC, and gave him the Aura of Mutability to help with some wounds on himself and nearby horror units. The rerolling 1s helped in a few games, and won my last game

      Also, I just joined Twitter! Dan, my twitter tag is @aosjamest. I’ll try and tweet out reports of how tournaments and stuff goes. Gonna take the list I took to LVO to a local RTT this Saturday and am expecting a strong showing of 20 or so people with good competition. Should be great!

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