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Angelcore 2018 – Tournament report

Hey everyone, its been a while.  I’m back with coverage of the Angelcore tournament run in London, UK, over the weekend.  22 players in a highly competitive tournament for both matched play and for painting, with 5 players from the UK top 20. The event was streamed throughout the weekend and the games have been hosted on YouTube – so check them out!

Congrats to Kieron (@Drats_hammer), Adam (@HadrielCaine), Matthew (@Skyel14) and everyone else involved in a great weekend.  Check out the host and sponsor – Magic Madhouse LDN.

For more reading, check out all my other event coverage, the Age of Sigmar Second Edition events packs page, the event calendar and the Age of Sigmar list archive.  I took a break for about 6 weeks but am now playing catch-up on event coverage, so expect a deluge over the coming weeks.

Angelcore 2018

Angelcore 2018 was a 5 game, 2,000 point matched play tournament using Age of Sigmar Second Edition, the General’s Handbook 2018 and Malign Sorcery.  Firestorm allegiances and realm rules were in play, as well as one pre-determined realm spell.

  • Round 1 – Focal Points –  Ghyran
  • Round 2 – Better Part of Valour – Shyish
  • Round 3 – Total Commitment – Aqshy
  • Round 4 – Places of Arcane Power – Chamon
  • Round 5 – Total Conquest – Hysh

Read the full pack.  The guys did a great job of covering all the practical things like hotels, transport, finding the venue etc.

Realm rules

The organisers picked the realmscape and realmsphere magic for each of the rounds (see the table below).  They also limited Shyish armies to just using the Soul-Force Sacrifice command ability, when playing a game in Shyish, rather than Honour the Dead.  Realm command abilities could not be used more than once per turn.

Angelcore realms

Secondary missions

Angelcore also ran secondary missions as a way of achieving differentiation in player scores.  With 30 points available for a major win, and 20 points available in secondary objectives each game, you definitely needed to keep an eye on picking up the secondary points.


Round draws

You can find the draws here:

Angelcore 2018 Video Coverage

The guys did a great job of streaming the top games through the weekend on Twitch (Magic Madhouse on Twitch).  The commentary, sound and camera work were great for their first time streaming an Age of Sigmar event.

Round 1 walk around

Round 1

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on www.twitch.tvRound 2

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 3

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 4

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 5

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Angelcore 2018 Results

So all the results are in:

  • First – Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)
  • Second – Laurie Hugget-Wilde (Sylvaneth)
  • Third – James Warth (Sylvaneth)
  • Fourth – Ben Murphy (Grand Host of Nagash)
  • Fifth – Jack Armstrong (Hammerhal)


  • Best Death – Steve Curtis (Grand Host of Nagash)
  • Best Destruction – Tom Loyn (Grand Alliance Destruction)
  • Best Chaos – Marc Wilson (Grand Alliance Chaos)
  • Best Order – Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)


  • Best Painted – Adam Cunis
  • Coolest Army – John Greene


  • Best Sports – James Warth
  • Spirit of Angelcore – Adam Cunis





Top Angelcore 2018 Lists

The top five players at Angelcore 2018 were:

  1. Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)
  2. Laurie Hugget-Wilde (Sylvaneth)
  3. James Warth (Sylvaneth)
  4. Ben Murphy (Grand Host of Nagash)
  5. Jack Armstrong (Hammerhal)

In terms of stats, the usual suspects were popular (although 4 palisades was a surprise).

Endless Spells

  • Cogs – 5
  • Palisade – 4
  • Geminids – 4
  • Shackles – 3
  • Portal – 3
  • Balewind – 2
  • Swords – 1


  • Shyish – 10
  • Ghyran – 3
  • Hysh – 3
  • Ulgu – 3
  • Aqshy – 2
  • Ghur – 1

Grand Alliances

  • Order – 10
  • Death – 7
  • Chaos – 3
  • Destruction – 2

You can find all the lists here.

Angelcore 2018 pictures

Now there was a tonne of social media coverage of the Angelcore 2018, so the below are just a potted summary of pictures from the across the weekend.  My apologies for any inadvertent omissions etc.






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