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Club Profile: Measured Gaming

Hey everyone, so this is the (slightly delayed) second article in the new series highlighting Age of Sigmar Gaming Clubs from around the world.  Today we have Measured Gaming (@MeasuredGaming_).  The aim is to introduce the gaming clubs, explain their history, anecdotes, iconography and current and former players.  You’ll find details of how to contact the club and follow along with their successes on social media.

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Age of Sigmar

The Measured Gaming lads have truly put Bendigo, Victoria, Australia on the Age of Sigmar map.  The guys are instantly recognisable at Australian events and have a great deal of swag.  If you don’t know, Bendigo is deep in the Aussie bush and described as “a gold rush boom town”  that has now reinvented itself for tourism.

Measured Gaming

Peter Atkinson (@PlasticCraic) has kindly provided the write up on Measured Gaming for this post.


Measured Gaming is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – Bendigo will be best known to some people outside Australia as the location for the recent Rick and Morty parody episode.  For those who don’t know, we are located a couple of hours north of Melbourne, and proud of our status as the Bogan Kings of Australian Wargaming!


Our focus is heavily on GW games, and Age of Sigmar in particular is huge at the club.  Many of us have been along for the journey from Day 1, right through the campaign book era, through the launch of the first General’s Handbook and now we are all stoked to welcome 2nd Edition.

We are a relatively young club, with just over 3 years of history, though most of us had experience with other gaming clubs prior to the establishment of Measured, whose purpose was to provide a great place for fans of Games Workshop games in Central Victoria.

Where to find Measured Gaming

We meet alternate Saturdays at The Old Church on the Hill in Bendigo, from Noon until late, with people coming and going throughout the afternoon as it suits them.  And when we say until late…we mean late.  The current record for a meet to finish is 5am the following morning.  If you think you can beat that, new members are always welcome to come along and have a go!

Measured Gaming
Where you can find wargamers in the early hours of the morning
Measured Gaming
*not actually Measured Gaming

Our club meets always feature a barbecue – what could be better than smashing into some barbecued meat, and discussing the day’s gaming over a Battle Brew or three?

Measured Gaming

Measured Gaming – Tales of Victory

The club sent a 10-strong delegation to CanCon this year, which was the first 2-day event many of us had attended.  We like to think we arrived on the national scene with a bang, rocking our club Hawaiian shirts with style!  Our best performer was the club’s Overlord Joel McGrath (@JoelMcGrathMG), who finished 8th overall from a field of 104, and picked up a Coolest Army nomination…and won Best Terrain piece into the bargain.  We are always keen to play with good terrain, and our club meets and events always take place on high quality game mats.

At time of writing, the club has 7 members in the Top 24 positions of the Australian Matched Play Rankings (the Top 24 getting an invite to Masters at the end of the year).

Measured Gaming
Some very Australian movement trays!

We regularly travel to tournaments in Melbourne and throughout Australia, and we are particularly keen to support the new SAGT in Adelaide next year, visiting our good friends from Realmless Gaming.

Probably the most famous tradition at the club is the General’s Showdown, where the generals of each army face off in an arena of death.  We use this as the tie breaker for placings at our events, in place of secondary objectives, and it has given us some great moments over the years.

At the Club Championships last year, we had a 3-way showdown for 3rd place between a Lord Celestant on Dracoth, a Lord Celestant on Stardrake, and a Mighty Lord of Khorne.  The Dracoth went first, and charged the Mighty Lord (he didn’t want a bit of the Stardrake!) – he failed to kill Khorne’s Chosen, who in turn swung back and insta-jibbed the Dracoth with his Reality Splitting Axe.

Down to two now.  The Mighty Lord is up next.  He charges the Stardrake.  Sneaks one wound through that filthy save.  On a 5+ Reality will split again, and that’s for a place on the podium.

He throws the dice and turns his back.

He can’t look.

He doesn’t need to look.

The roar from the crowd tells him what he needs to know…He pops the big 5 and that’s it, goodbye Stardrake!

The place goes off, everyone is going mental, overweight nerds are trying to high five each other (and missing), and Pat’s place in Measured Gaming history is secured forever!

Measured Gaming

Measured Gaming Events

Across the course of the year, we run events at 1000 points, 2000 points and 2500 points.  Our belief and experience is that this leads to a very healthy gaming environment.  Different factions and builds come to the fore at different points levels, and it presents an ongoing and thought-provoking list-building challenge.

We hosted a 1000 point event earlier this year that hit 30 players: we believe that is the biggest AOS event in the state of Victoria to date, which is quite an achievement for a town in the Australian Bush…and sets the bar for the Melbourne community to reach for!  We are hopeful that we will beat our own record with the forthcoming Bush Bash Bonanza GT on 20th -21st October, which along with Badgacon in June is one of the two annual 2000 point GTs ran by the Club.

We also enjoying running days with a less competitive focus.  One of our biggest days of the year is the Random Doubles event (1000 points each, paired up randomly on the day, with Battleplans drawn from sources such as the Realmgate Wars books or Battletomes).

Measured Gaming Social Media

The Club is highly active on social media: follow our Twitter account @MeasuredGaming_ (which is run by Peter Atkinson @PlasticCraic) to stay up to date on our club meets and events.  As well as recently launching our new YouTube channel, we have been Livestreaming key moments from club events on the group Facebook page.  Anyone who has joined us for those Livestreams will tell you that things can get rowdy in Bendigo on a Saturday night!

Last year we hosted what we believe to have been the largest game of AOS played anywhere in the world to date: Order & Death vs Destruction & Chaos, in a custom Battleplan where your objective was to sack your enemy’s fortress while defending your own.  Including summoned units, the game hit 100,000 points per side and although we’ve actively searched, we can’t find one bigger anywhere in the world!

Come along to Measured Gaming

Measured Gaming is a very welcoming club and we draw in members from throughout the state and even further afield: we regularly have people attending meets and events from towns such as Kyneton, Castlemaine and Maryborough.  We also have close links with the Melbourne AOS community, and are always happy to welcome them to Bendigo, as well as visitors from other wargaming clubs such as our friends at Mitchell Shire and Borderline Gaming.

We are always very grateful that people are willing to travel to come and roll dice with us, and the continuous growth of AOS has been great for everyone involved.

More players, more tournaments, more games, more fun!



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