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Club Profile: Sons of Slambo

Hey everyone, so this is the next article in the my Club Profile series highlighting Age of Sigmar Gaming Clubs from around the world.  Today we have Sons of Slambo, from San Antonio, Texas, USA. Thanks to the club for writing the profile below.

The aim of the series is to introduce the gaming clubs, explain their history, anecdotes, iconography and current and former players.  You’ll find details of how to contact the club and follow along with their successes on social media.  For more club profiles, check out the clubs section of the site. 

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Age of Sigmar

Did somebody say “SLAMBO”?

Our current club focus takes us deep into the heart of Texas.  The Sons of Slambo may be based in San Antonio, Texas, but they have members in Austin, Corpus Christi, and even have “Slambassadors” in the U.K. and Canada.

Sons of Slambo

While many of the club have been together for over 20 years in other groups, the Sons of Slambo was re-branded and organized in 2015.

Sons of Slambo – club with a mission

Their mission is to “Develop, Promote, and Protect our community through exciting gameplay, club fellowship, charitable giving, and creating meaningful gaming experiences.”

This philosophy helped grow the handful of Warhammer AoS fans to a club that historically draws about 16-30 players on game night.  Several of the players have purchased and painted over a thousand dollars worth of terrain to facilitate amazing games and incredible narrative battles.  

While the core members of the club always play with painted armies, new players are welcomed and encouraged to play with whatever they have.  Getting into our hobby can be intimidating, so the Sons coach their members on how to include new players in a welcoming way. It’s no wonder the club has their own Warhammer Hero awardee and often claims the top awards for sportsmanship at tournaments.

The Sons wear club shirts that parody the television series Sons of Anarchy and pay homage to one of the oldest and most revered models in the Citadel range-Slambo himself!  Slambo has connections to the Old World and the Mortal Realms, making him a perfect mascot for long-time and new players alike.

Sons of Slambo

When this dreadful band of ne’re-do-wells descend upon an event, cries of “SLAMBO!” echo the halls.  This infectious battle cry can be heard anytime a risky roll is successful or when a brother or sister is about to make a critical roll.  If you hear the call at Adepticon, WarGamesCon, or anywhere else-the club asks you to join along!

Sons of Slambo

Port Maw Charity Event

The club continues to be involved with charity events like Port Maw (a worldwide narrative apocalypse event for 40k and AoS players), hurricane relief, and other worthy causes.  The Sons of Slambo have partnered with many others to raise thousands of dollars over the years. Their primary beneficiary is Clarity Child Guidance Center. They help children throughout south Texas who suffer from mental illness.

AoS Shorts: Since this profile was written, the Sons of Slambo have hosted the Port Maw event for 2019.  This year was the 8th running of the Port Maw Charity Narrative Apocalypse event! Over 216,000 points of painted AoS, 30k, and 40k models participated including across the US, UK and Australia. Disorder seized victory on the AoS tables.

Together, the club raised over $3,100 for Clarity Child Guidance Center! Clarity CGC exists to transform the lives of children and families. They are the only not-for-profit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas.

Check out all the awesome photos.

Sons of Slambo Membership

Members are given nicknames and titles based on their contributions and creativity.  They also earn patches for hilarious fails, like “Unforgiven” (being banned by a local overzealous admin) and “Some left behind” (for forgetting to pick up a brother on the way to an event).  All members are AoS Fanatics, but most of play other GW games as well. Here are a handful of their charter members:

  • Dan Norris, President (#EvilDan)
  • Mitch Fezer, Vice-President (#OGSlambo)
  • Jimmy Sides, Captain of the Guard (#Devil’sCandy)
  • Brian Strye, Enforcer (#Six)
  • Daniel Dawson, Chosen (#Magister)
  • Tom Ferris, Master (#Mighty Tom)
  • Daniel Sanchez, Fleet Admiral (#Sancho)
  • James Southerland, Chosen (#BooBoo)
  • Jacob Bessette, Chosen (#Change)
  • Robert Stehle, Chosen (#DrakeFluffer)
  • James Miller – Chosen (#Agent13)
  • Andrew Carlson – Chosen (#Chance)
  • Tyler Rabb – Chosen (#LordKhorne)
  • illy Mondragon, Standard Bearer (#BigGreezy)
  • Jon Knapik, Traitor (#Weirdnob)
  • Jeremy Cooper, Traitor (#ColdBlooded)
  • Nick Thompson, Slambassador (#BrainSquig)
  • Nigel Bartlett, U.K. Slambassador (#Chimphammer)

Plans for the future

The Sons of Slambo continue to grow and partner with clubs all over the U.S.  Plans are underway to hold The Slambo GT premiering October 2019.

To learn more about the Sons, please visit Texas Age of Sigmar on Facebook, follow @ofSlambo on Twitter, or visit them in person at the fantasy-themed Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, Texas.  

Sons of Slambo

The club meets the first and third Friday of the month at 6:30 pm.

You can also tune into The Everchosen podcast and listen to all the great hobby, tactics, and trash talk between the Sons of Slambo and their sister club in Austin The Weirdnobz.

If you want to get the Son’s attention, don’t forget to belt out a mighty “SLAMBO!”

Thanks again to the Sons of Slambo for writing this profile. If you are interested in sharing your club on the site, feel free to get in touch, via Twitter, Facebook, or [email protected].

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