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Beyond Realm’s Edge – Narrative Event Registration

Registration for Beyond Realms Edge, a new 2-day independent narrative event on the U.S. East Coast, opens tomorrow over on We Are the NEON!

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Age of Sigmar

Beyond Realm’s Edge: Concept

Beyond Realm’s Edge is a two-day Narrative event in Northern Virginia. Brian Orban and Aaron Bostian of the NOVA Open AoS Grand Narrative are collaborating with NEO of Note Alex Polimeni to make a new premier narrative event for the East Coast this summer.

In Beyond Realms Edge, teams of Vanguard armies find themselves suddenly on the outer borders of their realms, exploring new territories and investigating reports of sights previously unknown to the Mortal Realms. We are inviting 16 teams of players to join us in answering the question, “What lies beyond the Age of Sigmar?”

Sign-up January 22nd

Signups go live on January 22nd. Watch this space!

Players both committed and curious are asked to join us on the Beyond Realms Edge Discord channel now to discuss and plan, then starting the evening of May 31st at the Sheraton Hotel in Reston, Virginia.

Our games are minutes from the primary airport of Washington DC and a short drive from the city itself. We feature amazing terrain as seen at the NOVA Narrative, games run by some of the most experienced NEOs in the country, and a weekend of surprises in store!

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