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GHB2017 – Chaos Day on Warhammer Live

Here you can find all the information on matched play in the General’s Handbook 2017 from the Chaos day streamed live on Twitch, including the game between Brayherds and Stormcast .   The list is currently a work in progress but will be updated through the day.  Thanks again to @Rhellion and @Moarhammer for live-tweets.

If you are subscribed, then you can watch it all back on Warhammer TV.

You can find all the official information on the Warhammer Community page, Facebook and Twitch collated on my General’s Handbook 2017 page.


  • Matched Play rules now incorporate all the FAQs.
  • Your General has to be a HERO.
  • New Rules of One
    • Can no longer re-roll or modify priority roll (Coven Throne and Archaon still works)
    • Can’t duplicate artefacts
  • Rule of One for spells and artefacts (including lanterns, daemonic gifts etc. i.e. artefacts with fancier names) does not apply to prayers.
  • Triumphs clarified to confirm how and when you can use them.  You have to decide to use your triumph before rolling the dice.
  • Allied heroes can’t be given artefacts (same as existing super-battalions which allow you to bring in outside heroes without breaking faction allegiance) or be general.
  • Abilities from the allegiance trait don’t apply to allies because they don’t gain the keyword.
  • FAQ will cover battalions with mixed factions – Order units in Gnarlroot count as Sylvaneth battalion & are not included in the allies points.  Of course, the order units aren’t Sylvaneth keyword though.
  • General’s Handbook 2017 contains suggestions for using the Open War cards in a matched play tournament (including additional bonuses for players in the bottom half of the standings).
  • Units can only claim one objective in a scenario.
  • Worked with min and max unit sizes in order to influence meta – Kunnin Rukk for instance.  Has increased in points, but has reduced max size from 40 to 30 models (significant for how easy it is to reduce its effectiveness and knock off the 3 attacks a model).
  • The red star in the matched play profiles table has shown that something has changed in the profile (points, sizes, battleline ifs).
    • Spite Revenants are now battleline for Sylvaneth.
    • Squigs are now battleline for Moonclan.
  • Allegiance abilities
    • all the grand alliance ones have been tweaked to try to provide more choice (no longer having a clear obvious choice – Battlebrew, Lord of the Night).
    • 14 new specific faction allegiance abilities (which means about 25 all up now).
    • Free Peoples will also have the supporting fire mechanics similar to the Darkling Covens
  • Nurgle details coming on Thursday (*wink**wink* battletome *nudge**nudge*)
  • Flesh Eater Courts pick a delusion for their general
    • Crusading army (re-roll 1s for entire army when running or charging)
  • Skryre has
    • strength in numbers
    • Warpstone sparks – risky bonuses that you can use
    • command traits – re-roll failed hit rolls for warmachines within 6″ of general (NOT Warp Lightning Cannons)
    • Brass Orb – once per battle, roll a dice, on a 6+ the closest enemy model is slain
  • Balewind Vortex unchanged (same scroll and points).
  • Lord Celestant on Stardrake is now 560 points (40 points cheaper).


  • Slaves to Darkness getting additional benefits for marks of Chaos. Aura of Chaos Powers – Eye of the Gods ability (a range of abilities including when killing enemy hero or monster, your model can turn into a Daemon Prince or a Spawn… – you don’t pay reinforcement points)
  • Skaven allies with other Skaven factions but not really other Chaos factions (except Everchosen and Pestilens with Nurgle).
  • Nurgle daemons ally with a lot of other factions.
  • Massive Regiments
    • Plaguebearers 270 for 30
    • Clan Rats (now min 20) 200 for 40 (40 points cheaper)
    • Daemonettes 270 for 30
    • Gutter Runners and Night Runners get Massive Regiments (a rare exception to the rules that models with ranged attacks don’t get massive regiments).
    • Maruaders 200 for 40
    • Chaos Warriors
    • Marauder Horsemen
  • Allegiance abilities
    • Unpredictable destruction – ranges tweaked 12″ of general, or 3″ of another hero
    • Cunning deceiver – same
    • Dark avenger – tweaked
    • Lord of War – happens on a 3+ rather than automatically
  • Daemons of Slaanesh
    • three different types of Slaanesh followers (seekers, pretenders, invaders)
    • three new sets of abilities / command traits
      • invaders: you can have 3 generals and use 3 command traits even if it is the same!
      • pretenders: 1 general, but gets 2 command traits – useful for Keeper.
      • seekers: +1″ to movement, or +2″ to movement if unit is base movement of 10″, have to charge and complete charges they make.
    • Artefacts
      • Gift – pick a weapon that the enemy hero has – when the enemy hero uses it, they take a mortal wound.
      • breathtaker – on a 3+ you can choose a close enemy unit and that unit can’t be selected to attack until the end of the combat phase.  Great with a double-pile-in on the daemonettes.
    • Can make a HERO that enemy units are -3 to hit and can’t retreat from!
    • Slaves to Darkness Slaanesh is separate from Daemons of Slaanesh.
  • Pestilens:
    • Echoes of the Great Plagues – super strong prayers that can be cast once per game
      • Neverplague – +1 to prayer rolls
      • Crimson Curse – mortal wounds to enemy units each turn and can infect other units
      • Bubonic plague – D6 mortal wounds, then jumps to another unit D3 mortal wounds etc
      • Redmaw – an enemy hero attacks friendly models in 3″
    • Artefacts
      • book that turns other heroes into priests
      • a “sentient pustule” – re-roll hits of 1 and +2 to move, but jumps between your heros.
    • Command trait
      • master of rot and ruin – gets extra prayers
      • ways of getting extra wounds
    • For more on Pestilens, listen to Ben’s Bad Dice Daily episode
    • All the Clan Moulder matched play profiles have changes – giant rats as massive regiments. Hell pit (240 points).  Rat ogre battleline if.


    • Warhammer Community article
    • Jabberslythes down to 120.
    • Herdstones!
      • you want to make sure your general is not an ambushing model (need general on table to set up herdstone in 6″ – usually a bray shaman)


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    1. In your post, you wrote about the changes in Chaos Allegiance Command Traits, one of which is “Dark avenger – tweaked – units within 10″.
      However, the Dark Avenger already affects units within 10” from the general.
      Is this a typing error? Or has Dark Avenger remained unchanged?

      1. Hi, sorry I was skimming over that bit of the stream. They mentioned that the Dark Avenger rule has been changed slightly but I must have missed the change. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

    2. Would you be able to please share what the artefacts for Brayherds are? I’m particularly interested in the fourth and fifth artefacts listed by the team (those were the two artefacts that weren’t spoiled elsewhere via pics). Also, if anything about Centigors was shared, would you mind posting that information with us?

      1. Hi there, I’m just posting the officially revealed information and won’t be posting or re-sharing leaks. Hope you enjoy the book on Saturday.

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