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GHB2017 – Warhammer Live Twitch Order Day

Here you can find all the information on General’s Handbook 2017 from the Order day streamed live on Twitch, including the game between Sylvaneth and Seraphon.   The list is currently incomplete but will be updated through the day.  Thanks again to @Rhellion, @Moarhammer and Domus for live-tweets.

If you are subscribed, then you can watch it all back on Warhammer TV.

You can find all the official information on the Warhammer Community page, Facebook and Twitch collated on my General’s Handbook 2017 page.


  • New scenario “Starstrike” is a modified version of Gift from the Heavens with 3 meteors (at start of 2nd battle round – meteor will land on central line of battlefield – start of 3rd round – meteors land in your half of battlefield).  “More models within 3 inches” and “points for each objective held are based on turn number”.  Massive amounts of points available at the end of the game – can really swing the outcome as 15 points up for grabs in the last round.
  • Each of the battleplans will be covered on Warhammer Live this week (except for Duality of Death which has already been covered on the Warhammer Community site).
  • Compendium points out on release day.
  • No change to fundamental core rules of Age of Sigmar (rules changes will come in the future, but not through the General’s Handbook process).
  • A new FAQ will cover teleporting out of combat and whether it counts as a retreat.
  • In two of the scenarios, large units (20+ models) can override objective control and capture even if smaller units currently claim them.
  • Allies are not restricted to a single faction.
  • New Triumph Rules
  • Points/Battlefield Roles restrictions are designed to apply +/- 250 points around the usual 1,000, 2,000, 2,500 point restrictions.
  • Not Order but Battlebrew is a one-use only.
  • Missile units don’t get access to Massive Regiments (except for a few exceptions – Skinks, gutter runners, night runners)

Order discussion with Russ Veal

  • Everyone in Order can ally with Stormcast and Stormcast can have any other Order faction as allies.
  • Darkling Coven – all units (Swords, spears, shards) get a benefit depending on numbers – Lethal Co-ordination – models from other units within 6″ count as in the same unit for working out the benefit of the buffs.  No battleshock taken if within 3″ of general.  Can kill your own models to pass battleshock tests. Merciless command trait – an additional D3 enemy models will run away if the unit fails a battleshock test in the presence of the Darkling Coven general.
  • Dispossessed – 300 points for 30 Longbeards (60 point reduction), strong line of Ironbreakers as a great ally unit for KO.
  • Allies don’t count for battleline for Battlefield role restrictions
  • Stormcast Liberators get Massive Regiments (520 for 30, saving 80 points) – super resilient hordehammer.
  • Generic Order battle trait – can re-roll all battleshock tests


  • List – Slaan… [stream seemed to cut out here, the video is just 20 minutes long – anyone catch it?]
  • Command Traits for Slaan
    • Fast Intellect – access to the two skink priest spells (even if the skink priests are not in the army list – blame Dan Heelan 😉 for the suggestion – it effectively creates a Seraphon spell lore)
    • Incandescent – roll a dice when it loses last wound, on a 3+  place it back on the board within 12″ (and more than 3″ away from enemy) with D3 wounds, no summoning points needed as happens before removed from play.)
  • Different traits available depending on whether you have a Slaan, Saurus or Skink as General.
  • Seraphon allegiance abilities:
    • Masters of Order: Slann can unbind anywhere on the table.  If cast on a double, and spell goes off, adds 6″ to spell range.
    • Lords of Space and Time: once per turn in hero phase pick one Serpahon unit, and roll a dice:
      • on a 1 cant move or charge,
      • 2-5 it gets deployed anywhere on the table 9″ away from the enemy and counts as move for movement phase;
      • On a 6, they can also move.
  • Lord Kroak down from 540 to 450.
  • Saurus get Massive Regiments (360 for 40)
  • Saurus musician allows them to move double.
  • Several ways to buff charging – re-roll charges, +1 to charges, up a dice by 1 due to star seer


  • List – TLA (Oaken Armour, Gnarled Warrior), Branchwych (Acorn, Verdant Blessing), Branchwraith (Treesong), 2 x 5 Tree Revenants, 30 Dryads, 6 Scythe Hunters, Treelord, Household Battalion, 2 units of Judicators as Allies.
  • Sylvaneth can only ally with Stormcast and Wanderers.
  • Dryads get Massive Regiments (270 for 30).
  • Hunters up (220 for 3)
  • Treelord down by 20 points.
  • Household (70 points)

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