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GHB2017 – What we learnt from Twitch

Here you can find all the information on General’s Handbook 2017 from the first game streamed live on Twitch, between Blades of Khorne and Soulblight.   If you are subscribed to Warhammer TV then you can watch it back here.  The lists used in the game are below.

Warhammer TV is streaming Monday to Thursday next week with a full preview of each Grand Alliance each day.  For links to all the official information on the Warhammer Community page, Facebook and Twitch see my page here.

Thanks to @Rhellion, @Thonias83 and @NukeDoctor for the live-tweets – follow them for great hobby and gaming tweets.

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Scenario and overall gameplay

  • Scenario was Scorched Earth
    • there are 6 objectives (each in the centre of a 12″ x 12″ square)
    • you capture the objectives by having the most models within 3″
    • scoring every turn and have to stay on the objective to hold it
    • you can control the objectives in your opponent’s half of the board and score 1 point per turn, or immediately destroy them for D3 points
  • You can only capture one objective with a unit – so you can’t string the unit out to capture several (however, there is nothing stopping you stringing a unit out to block another objective and deny it to your opponent).
  • Allied units do not benefit from some allegiance abilities – for example, an allied unit of zombies will not get the Deathless Minions save.
  • Artefacts do not affect mounts unless it specifically says so!
  • Triumphs have been updated and there are more details to come next week. 


  • Battle trait: Deathless Thralls – 6+ save, within 6″ of a hero or general.
  • Allies: Deathrattle,  Deathwalkers, Deathlords, Death mages, Nighthaunt. 
  • Command Traits are the Bloodlines [not sure if these are all command traits or another ability – all were referred to on the stream]:
    • Dread Knight: re-roll hit rolls of 1 for the general when they attack a hero
    • Dragon Warriors: re-roll 1s to hit
    • Mist Form: allows general to charge after a retreat (and counts as flying during the retreat).
    • Swift Death: Soulblight +2″ move and fly.
    • Necromantic: +1 to cast and -1 bravery for enemy in 6″
    • Lords of the Night: get Deathless Thralls even if outside 6″ of character 
  • Artefact: Saccarhine Goblet = +1 to Hit.
  • Winged Horror: Flying vampire infantry hero (useful for mobile Deathless Minions)
  • Vargheists are Soulblight battleline.
  • Soulblight units are the same points but have added viability through Bloodlines.

GHB2017 - Death

Blades of Khorne

  • Bloodletters benefit from the Massive Regiments rule – so 30 Bloodletters is discounted to 270 points.  A Murderhost battalion with 90 Bloodletters now has plenty more room to add models.
  • But, 10 Bloodletters have increased in points by 10 points per unit – less incentive to take multiple small units (“MSU”) for the Blood Tithe (but you were probably taking units other than Bloodletters is you were running MSU BoK anyway).
  • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster is 30 points cheaper.
  • Skullcannons is 20 points cheaper.
  • Chimeras are 20 points cheaper.
  • The minimum unit size for Marauders has not increased – 3×10 Maruader core is still a thing.



I’ll update this through the day, if I’ve missed anything please get in touch through the website, on Facebook, or @antipodean7 on Twitter.

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  1. Nice article! I haven’t been able to watch much twitch lately, so this has been very helpful.
    I think Mist Form is going to be strong on Zombie Dragon or Abyssal Terror. Also Blood Knights can have potential 24″ move with the Abyssal Terror’s double move spell and Swift Death trait.

    Look forward to reading more.

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