AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar army list writing checklist

Here is the AoS Shorts Age of Sigmar army list writing checklist.

10 steps to writing a valid Age of Sigmar Army List for matched play

Follow these 10 steps and you’ll have a valid list:

  1. Decide your allegiance for unit selection – whether it is a faction (Sylvaneth) or a Grand Alliance (Order).  By picking a faction allegiance you may unlock particular unit options;
  2. Choose any warscroll battalions which you want to use and pay the points for:
    1. the battalion (and any smaller battalions included); and
    2. the units selected (units are paid for in multiples of the minimum unit size, rounding up below strength units);
  3. Check you meet the minimum Battleline and leader requirements set out in the current General’s Handbook;
  4. While there, check you do not exceed Behemoth and artillery limits;
  5. Allocate the amount of Reinforcement Points you want to have available to use during the games for summoning and other abilities;
  6. Double-check all units belong to the same Grand Alliance;
  7. Determine your Army Allegiance – you may choose a Grand Alliance Allegiance even if you have selected your army under a Faction Allegiance to unlock Battleline units;
  8. Choose your General;
  9. Depending on the tournament pack (which may require the following steps to be selected before the tournament, or before each game) pick the following based on your Army Allegiance:
    1. Note down your Battle Trait;
    2. Select your Command Trait;
    3. Select one Artefact (and one additional artefact per Warscroll Battalion in your army).  Assign up to one artefact to each hero.  From GHB2017, you cannot give the same artefact to more than one hero in your army;
  10. Note all details on your army list and submit!

Further Resources

For a handy (free) web-based army list writer, see Warscroll Builder, or use Azyr (paid) in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar app for your mobile device.

The points for units can be found in these applications, in the current General’s Handbook, and on the Games Workshop website  for some of the Silver Tower units and scenery (here).

For tips on how to build a winning competitive army list, see my previous episode here.

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