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Grand Tournament Finals Report

Hey all, The Games Workshop Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Finals were held this weekend (28/29 September 2019). The Grand Final is held between up to 120 players (with the top 40 players from each of three heats qualifying). All the qualifiers from the heats facing off at Warhammer World for the title of Grand Champion for 2019. In this report, you’ll find the results, awards, top lists, pictures and all the coverage from the weekend.

If you want to stroll down memory lane, you can read my report from the 2018 Grand Finals, which saw Benjamin Savva take it out with Slaughter Troupe Daughters of Khaine. A list not to dissimilar to what is still doing well on the top tables of large events.

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Age of Sigmar

AoS GT Finals Tournament Pack

The Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Grand Final for 2019 was fought over six randomly selected scenarios from the 18 Pitched Battle battleplans.  The scenarios were drawn at the start of the tournament.  Realm rules (including spells), realmscape features and Malign Sorcery were all in play.   So the rounds were:

  • 1: Scorched Earth – Realm of Metal – Irresistible Force
  • 2: Relocation Orb – Realm of Beasts (no Monstrous Beast) – Hungering Animus
  • 3: Battle for the Pass – Realm of Shadow – Shrouded Lands
  • 4: Shifting Objectives – Realm of Fire – Every Step a League
  • 5: Total Conquest – Realm of Death – Life Leeching
  • 6: Focal Points – Realm of Life – Verdant Landscape

In terms of scoring, there is always a strong element of painting and sports scores in the overall results.  The scoring system was:

  • major victory – 6 points
  • minor victory – 4 points
  • draw – 2 points
  • loss – 0 points
  • 1 point for each favourite game vote
  • 1 point for each favourite army vote

At the end of the event, you selected two of your opponents to receive favourite game (who you liked playing) votes, and two of your opponents to receive favourite army (what you liked the look of) votes.

Kill points earned was the tiebreaker.  Summoned units did not count towards the total points value of enemy units destroyed and you get the full 2,000 points if you wipe out the enemy.

You can read the full pack for more details.

AoS GT Finals Results

So another great weekend of Warhammer. Congrats to:

  • 1st: James Tinsdale – Hedonites of Slaanesh (Godseekers)
  • 2nd: Byron Orde – Bonesplitterz
  • 3rd: Laurie H-W – Sylvaneth (Dreadwood)
  • Best Painted: Terry Pike (Nurgle)
  • Best Sports: Lars D. Hellwig (6 out of 6 votes)

Here are the full results

If you are interested in the standings before sports and painting (i.e. pure game score) then here they are.

Painting Nominations

Just trying to work out the full list of painting nominations. Here are some pictures of nominated armies 🙂

AoS GT Finals Top Lists

As with other Games Workshop events, lists are submitted on the day. So I try to scramble round and grab what I can from the Internet and what Warhammer Live now kindly send through from the streamed games. So here we have the top 10 lists based on battle score only.

1st – James Tinsdale – Slaanesh

2nd – Chris Caves – Changehost

3rd – Marc Brookes – Skaven

4th – Byron Orde – Bonesplitterz

5th – Laurie HW – Dreadwood

6th – Mike Wilson – Slaanesh

7th – Georgios Moudatsos – Beasts of Chaos

8th – Terry Pike – Nurgle

9th – Sam Saunders – Stormcast

10th – Dan Ford – Skaven

Warhammer Live Coverage

The Warhammer Live team on Twitch streamed games through the weekend. Wade and the team sent me through the lists and details of the games.

Game 1: Slaanesh (Godseekers) vs Ironjawz

James Tinsdale (Team England) and his four Keepers Slaanesh list took on David Ellis and his Ironjawz. By way of reminder, this round was Scorched Earth in Chamon, with the Irresistable Force realmscape.

It was short and very bloody – very, very bloody.

James chose the Retake agenda and achieved it. David failed to get Secret Mission.

Game 2: Stormcast (+ Gotrek) vs Gloomspite Gitz

Round 2 saw Will Barton (UK Masters attendee) and his Stormcast (+ Gotrek!) play Dan from Spain with his Gloomspite Gitz. The Relocation Orb in Ghur, with the Hungering Animus (but no Monstrous Beasts rule).

Will had the Onslaught hidden agenda (and achieved it), while Dan chose the Conserve agenda (but failed).

Game 3: Khorne (Reapers of Vengeance) vs Flesh-Eater Courts (Blisterkin)

Game 3 saw a heavyweight match-up between Russ “The Face” Veal (Playtester / Facehammer / Team England) with his Reapers of Vengeance (feat Archaon) versus Steve Curtis (UK Masters attendee and all round top bloke from Bucks!) with his Blisterkin Flesh-Eater Courts. The match was Battle for the Pass in Ulgu, with the Shrouded Lands realmscape (no effect).

Both players took and achieved the Retake agenda.

Game 4 – Daughters of Khaine (Hagg Narr) vs Hedonites of Slaanesh (Pretenders)

Piotr Kurkowski (London GT champion) and his Hagg Narr Daughters of Khaine took on Andy Hughes (UK Masters attendee) and his Pretenders.

Shifting Objectives in Aqshy, with Every Step a League.

Game 5 – Beasts of Chaos (Phantasmagoria) vs Disciples of Tzeentch (Changehost)

Game 5 saw Georgios Moudatsos and his Beasts of Chaos vs Chris Caves and his Changehost. Both had giant-killing runs to get to round 5 with Chris defeating Benjamin Savva and Byron Orde on the way. They played Total Conquest in the Realm of Shyish with Life Leeching.

Game 6 – Slaanesh (Godseekers) vs Beasts of Chaos (Phantasmagoria)

The top table saw undefeated James Tinsdale take on Georgious Moudatsos for the overall title (subject to sports votes and painting). Focal Points in Realm of Ghyran with Verdant Landscape.

GT Finals Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from across the weekend.

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