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Facehammer GT Report

Hey everyone, today I have my Facehammer GT 2019 report. The Facehammer GT is one of the premiere Warhammer Age of Sigmar events in the UK. Hosted by the Facehammer podcast, at Element Games (an amazing venue in Stockport), and covered by the Honest Wargamer, it was an epic weekend of wargaming for 81 players. Check out this post for the pack, results, top lists, pictures and coverage.

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Age of Sigmar

Facehammer GT Pack

The Facehammer GT has a top quality pack with something for all players and an innovative 20-0 scoring system. The aim being to challenge and differentiate between the top players in an 80 player field. You can read the full pack here but the highlights are:

  • 3 hour rounds
  • 2,000 points
  • General’s Handbook 2019
  • Battleplans randomly selected from the 18 matched play scenarios on the day
    • Round 1 – Shifting Objectives
    • Round 2 – Places of Arcane Power
    • Round 3 – Total Commitment
    • Round 4 – Focal Points
    • Round 5 – Total Conquest
  • Scenery pre-placed by the organisers – mysterious terrain used but you only roll once to determine the applicable terrain table and then all pieces are rolled from that table
  • Realm artefacts in use
  • No realmscape features, command abilities or realm spells


Painting and army list scoring.

  • 15TPs – army painted to minimum standard
  • 5TPs – extra effort applied (above average bases, freehand, higher technical standard etc)
  • 10TPs – army is cohesive
  • 5TPs – army list submitted on registration
  • 5TPs – army list is legal and in correct format

Competitive play scoring.

  • Major Victory – 14
  • Minor – 10
  • Draw – 7
  • Minor – 4
  • Major Loss – 0
  • Destroying 1000pts of your opponent’s army – 1 TP
  • Losing less than 1000pts of your starting army – 1 TP

To calculate kill points you did the following:

  • The points value of all units destroyed
  • The points of any warscroll battalion in which all units have been destroyed
  • The points value of any endless spell or prayer model from your opponent’s army not on the table at end of the game.
  • If your opponent purchased a command point and you have destroyed their general, then you also score the 50pts spent on the command point.

Hidden agenda scoring:

  • Agenda Triumph rules are not in play
  • Players select two agendas per game after set-up is complete but before the first battle round
  • Once both players have picked, the agendas are revealed
  • You can only use each agenda once per event
  • 1 TP for each agenda completed
  • 1 TP for each mission your opponent did not complete.
  • Making a pool of 4 points available to both players. So if you achieve both missions and your opponent achieves both missions then you would score 2 points each, however if you score both missions and your opponent fails both their missions then you would score 4

The FHGT Champion is the player with the most “Tournament Points”, if two people are tied then these factors will be considered in this order until a winner is determined.

  • Kill points TP’s > Agenda points > Strength of Schedule > kill points

Sportsmanship scoring:

  • There are 15 TPS available
  • Receiving 1 Best Opponent Nomination +5 TPS
  • Receiving 2 or more Best Opponent nominations +5 TPS
  • Winning the Best Opponent award +5 TPS
  • Receiving 1 Complaints* – 10 TPS
  • Receiving 2 Complaints* – 50 TPS
  • Receiving 3 Complaints* – Disqualification

Players will nominate the two players they had the most fun playing against during the event and the player with the most votes will win the Facehammer GT Herald award. In the event of a tie it will go to the player who had the most tournament points.

Facehammer GT 2019 Results

  • Overall results
    • 1st: Luke Morton – Idoneth Deepkin
    • 2nd: Bryan Carmichael – Slaanesh
    • 3rd: Dan Bradshaw – Skaven
  • Best in alliance – Most Agenda Points
    • Death – Tom Mawdsley
    • Chaos – Dan Ford
    • Destruction – Ritchie
    • Order – Donal Taylor
  • Top 10 players
    • Luke Morton – Idoneth Deepkin
    • Bryan Carmichael – Hedonites of Slaanesh
    • Dan Bradshaw – Skaventide
    • Ben Curry – Daughters of Khaine
    • Laurie H-W – Sylvaneth
    • Mark Wildman – Blades of Khorne
    • JP Stevens – Hedonites of Slaanesh
    • James Tinsdale – Idoneth Deepkin
    • Tom Mawdsley – Legion of Grief
    • Ritchie Mcalley – Gloomspite Gitz
  • Top 10 tables per round.
  • Most sporting – Paul Haley (@loft_hammer)
  • Most bloodthirsty (most kill points) – Ben Curry (@BadDice_Podcast)
  • Best painted
    • 1st: PaintedByG
    • 2nd: Matt Oswald
    • 3rd: Ritchie
  • Coolest army = Luke Morton
  • Best painted competition
    • Best in show – PaintedByG
    • Unit – PaintedByG
    • Hero – Fluffhammer
    • Monster – @Markthebeastman
    • Open – PaintedByG
PaintedByG taking all the hardware.

Facehammer GT 2019 Lists

Lists for the event were submitted on the day. So I’m trying to compile them from the internet and the Honest Wargamer Twitch stream. I’ll update them as I have more information.

First – Luke Morton – Idoneth Deepkin

Enclave: Dhom-Hain

Vulturnos, High King of the Deep (280) General
Isharann Soulscryer (130) Artefact : Cloud of Midnight
Isharann Soulscryer (130)
Black Ark Fleetmaster (40)

Allies 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)

3 xAkhelian IshlaenGuard(140)
6 xAkhelianMorrsarGuard (340)
3 xAkhelianMorrsarrGuard (170)
3 xAkhelianMorrsarrGuard (170)
3 x AkhelianMorrsarrGuard (170)
3 x AkhelianMorrsarrGuard170)
3 x AkhelianMorrsarGuard170)
TOTAL: 2000/2000

Second – Bryan Carmichael – Slaanesh


Third – Dan Bradshaw – Skaventide

Fourth – Ben Curry – Daughters of Khaine

Daughters of Khaine
– Temple: Hagg Nar

Mortal Realm: Aqshy

Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330)
– General
– Trait: Devoted Desciples
– Artefact: Ignax Scales
– Blessing of Khaine

Hag Queen (90)
– Catechism of Murder

Hag Queen (90)
– Blood Sigil – Sacrament of Blood
– Martyr’s Sacrifice

Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480)
– Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor

30 x Sisters of Slaughter (300)
– Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers

30 x Witch Aelves (300)
– Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers

10 x Witch Aelves (120)
– Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers

5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80)

5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80)

Cauldron Guard (120)

Total: 1990 / 2000

Ben has given a run-down on his tournament performance over on TGA.

Fifth – Laurie H-W – Sylvaneth

Painting Competition

The Facehammer GT is known for have both an amazing standard of painted armies, but also an excellent stand-alone painting competition.

There are lots of more great quality pictures on the Honest Wargamer’s Facebook page.

Best painted army nominations

PaintedByG’s excellent winning best painted army.

Other best painted army nominations and painting competition pictures.

Facehammer GT 2019 Coverage

There was full coverage across the weekend provided by the stream team at the Honest Wargamer. The crew for this event were Rob Symes,  Darren Watson, Benjamin Savva and roving reports from Owen Jackson.

All the games are available for free to watch back on the Honest Wargamer Twitch channel and on the Honest Wargamer Twitter account. I’ve also embedded the videos below.

Game 1 – Seraphon vs Nurgle

Game 2 – Gloomspite Gitz vs Stormcast Eternals

Game 3 – Beastclaw Raiders vs Bonesplitters

Game 4 – Idoneth Deepkin vs Slaanesh

Game 5 – Gloomspite Gitz vs Idoneth Deepkin

Facehammer GT 2019 Gallery

A gallery of pictures from across the weekend.

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