AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Justice Series GT

Hey all, not to be lost in all the Adepticon hype was the Justice Series GT this weekend, hosted by JustPlay Games. 42 players in Liverpool, UK, playing under a really modern pack that is worth checking out. Scenarios and rules selected to ensure games finish on time and with a challenge for different army builds. I have only heard good things from the attendees.

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Age of Sigmar

Justice Series GT Pack

You can check out the Justice Series GT Pack here.

LLV as always did his great army breakdown analysis so that you can easily see where the world-wide tournament meta is shifting and how the tournament attendees are adapting to the new Age of Sigmar battletomes.

Justice Series GT Results

So the results were:t

  • 1st – Mike Wilson (Slaanesh)
  • 2nd – Tony Moore (FEC)
  • 3rd – Chris Young (Daughters of Khaine)
  • Top Order – Nathan Foster (4th, Daughters of Khaine)
  • Top Chaos – Michael Bennett (11th, Blades of Khorne)
  • Top Death – Rob Hull (17th, Legions of Nagash)
  • Top Destruction – Andy Lampkin (12th, Gloomspite Gitz)
  • Coolest Army – Graham Shirlie (Troggoths)
  • Best Painted – Graham Shirlie (Troggoths)
  • 2nd Best Painted – Lewis Sloan (Sylvaneth)
  • 3rd Best Painted – Luke Power (Sylvaneth)
  • Favourite Opponent – Nathan Foster

You can find all the results on Tabletop.TO (TTT) and I’ve screencapped the top 15 below. As you can see, still a strong showing from Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin, but perhaps surprising no killer Skaven builds at the event and that the second best Death player was 17th.

Top 10 Lists

All the lists up on TTT but the top ten are below. Will be really interesting to see how Mikey goes when he has his hands on the new Hedonites of Slaanesh book.

Coverage and List Tech Videos

Ian and Ritchie of JustPlay Games and the JustSaying podcast did some excellent round re-cap and list tech videos throughout the weekend. I highly recommend you check out the interview with Mike below regarding his list and the rest of the videos on their channel: JustPlay YouTube channel

Painting Nominations

Here are the painting nominations – as always Graham Shirlie’s force stands out from a mile due to its amazing top quality painting. I could look at that army all day long.

Tabletop Action

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