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Adepticon 2019 Championships

Hey all, the last post in my Adepticon 2019 series is covering the Age of Sigmar Championships held over 30/31 March 2019. 180+ players playing 2,000 point matched play Age of Sigmar in the halls of Adepticon, the world’s premiere wargaming convention, just outside Chicago, USA. For more Adepticon 2019 coverage, check out:

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Age of Sigmar

Adepticon 2019 Championships

The Adepticon 2019 Championships is the largest Age of Sigmar event in the USA, with over 180 players this year. The key details of the pack are:

  • the new Blades of Khorne book is not in play
  • scenarios announced on the day
  • Malign Sorcery rules are in force – with each game being played in a pre-determined realm with a pre-determined realmscape feature (both announced on the day)
  • Hidden Agendas will be used as secondary objectives

Adepticon 2019 Results

And here are all the results!

  • First Overall – Samuel Gould (SERAPHON! USA! USA! USA!)
  • 2nd – Adam Trunzo! (Skaven) – podium two years’ running!
  • 3rd – Ben Allen
  • Best Order – Liam Cook
  • Best Death – Bill Souza (FEC)
  • Best Destruction – Byron Orde!!!!
  • Best Chaos – James Pruesser

NB: lists are hand-submitted on the day for Adepticon events. I am trying my best to get copies of the lists from those that attended, and tracking people down on social media. I will update this post with the lists when I have them.

  • Best Apperance – Jason Zayjac (Sylvaneth)
  • 2nd – Oscar Lars (Stormcast)
  • 3rd – Chris Slye (Idoneth Deepkin)
  • Players’ Choice – Oscar Lars
  • 2nd – Mitzy!
  • 3rd – James Pruesser

You can find the full results on Warscore.

Painting Nominations

Thanks to Jimbo at the event, here are galleries of each of the painting nominations at Adepticon 2019.

Anvils of Sigmar by Papa Andy (@NerdApprentice)

AZTech by @AlAztech

The Emerald Knights by Richard Joshua

Shadeth Klynn by @MSminis

Donnie’s Tzeentch (@GLWL1)

The Force of the Seven Puppies by Oscar Lars

Chris Slye’s Idoneth Deepkin

Rustfoot’s Iron Moon Clobber Boys by Andrew Tolstedt

The Huntspinney of Sequoyya by @Jimbo9Jimbo

The House of the Flying Daggers by Martin Orlando

The Black Procession by Tyler Mengel

Legion of Blood by David Griffin

The Lords of the Fly by Mike Butcher

Sylvaneth by Jason Zajac

Valar Morghulis by Tom Lyons of Warhammer Weekly.

Court of the Carrion King by Tony of Warscroll Builder

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