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LVO 2019 Lists!

Hey all, this weekend is LVO 2019, or the Las Vegas Open, the first US major Age of Sigmar event for the year. Hosted in Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas, the LVO is a three day, eight round Age of Sigmar event with 130+ players, and a single-day Doubles tournament. You can read all my coverage of the unique event pack here, or read on further for all the lists from the event.

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Age of Sigmar

LVO 2019 Lists

This year, the Las Vegas Open asked for all lists to be submitted in text format via the Best Coast Pairings app. Previously the app relied on photographs of people’s lists, but now a world of possibilities is opened up by having the lists in a standard text format (i.e. Warscroll Builder output). You can find all 130 lists in one PDF here or check out my analysis below.

LVO 2019 Lists – Faction Breakdown

Now thanks to changes to Best Coast Pairings, the Frontline Gaming app for tournaments, and plain text list submission, we can now do easy faction breakdowns and unit analysis. I’m going to have another post this week going into all the new features. But for now, here are the breakdowns:

LVO 2019 Faction Breakdown
“Stormcast Eternals”: 18,
“Nurgle”: 9,
“Grand Host of Nagash”: 8,
“Khorne”: 8,
“Sylvaneth”: 7,
“Gloomspite Gitz”: 7,
“Legion of Sacrament”: 6,
“Beasts of Chaos”: 6,
“Idoneth Deepkin”: 6,
“Daughters of Khaine”: 6,
“Ironjawz”: 5,
“Order”: 5,
“Skryre”: 5,
“Tzeentch”: 4,
“Seraphon”: 3,
“Flesh Eater Courts”: 3,
“Slaanesh”: 3,
“Nighthaunt”: 3,
“Free Peoples”: 3,
“Kharadron Overlords”: 2,
“Beastclaw Raiders”: 2,
“Legion of Night”: 2,
“Fyreslayers”: 2,
“Destruction”: 2,
“Bonesplitterz”: 1,
“Darkling Covens”: 1,
“Legion of Blood”: 1,
“Pestilens”: 1,
“Chaos”: 1,
“Brayherd”: 1,
“Everchosen”: 1

LVO 2019 Unit Analysis

Some quick stats breakdowns from the guys at Best Coast Pairings:

Most common models

  • Witch Aelves 11 units / 260 models
  • Plague Monks, 8/290
  • Chainrasp Horde, 17/300
  • Grimghast Reapers, 18/470
  • Stabbas, 9/480
  • Skeleton Warriors, 15/480

Most common units

  • 27 Necromancers
  • 26 Sequitors
  • 20 Evocators
  • 20 Blightkings

Realm selections per army

  • No Realm selected – 36
  • Ghur – 20
  • Aqshy – 17
  • Hysh – 16
  • Shyish – 14
  • Ulgu – 14
  • Ghyran – 11
  • Chamon – 4

We’ll have more stats breakdowns over the week to come.

LVO 2019 Lists – Who to Watch?

So what are the lists that last year’s top 10 are bringing? Do we think they will repeat their great performance from a year ago?

The LVO 2018 top 10 were:

  • Andrew Standiferd – Vanguard Wing
  • James Thomas – Changehost [Not attending 2019]
  • Tony Moore – Changehost [Not attending 2019]
  • Oliver Gandouet – Mixed Order
  • Michael Burch – Skyfires
  • Joe Krier – Changehost (see Team America below)
  • Bill Souza – Nurgle (see Team America below)
  • Jarrett Zazuetta – “Kroak-nado”
  • Jeff Paynter – Skyfires
  • Mike Scaletti – Gore Pilgrims [Not attending 2019]

So much Disciples of Tzeentch…. Really glad the tournament meta has become more diversified since AoS 2 and General’s Handbook 2018.

Andrew Standiferd

Andrew Standiferd, two-time LVO winner and on for a three-peat? Not often you see the Stardrake in the current Stormcast meta so will be interesting to see how Andrew goes with the list.

Oliver Gandouet

Eels, eels and more eels. Drycha and a Spellweaver (auto-dispel) are interesting and unusual allies choices.

Michael Burch

50 Reapers, a Pallisade, Mortality Glass, Olynder and a Corpse Cart. Interested to see how the synergies play out in this list.

Jarrett Zazuetta

Interesting Grand Host list with Vhodrai, some big skellie blocks and Reapers for punch.

Jeff Paynter

Surecharge bomb.

LVO 2019 Lists – Team America ETC

It is also interesting to see what Team America are bringing to the event in their preparation for the ETC. Some of these lists are competitive practice, while others are more on the fun end of the spectrum.

Alan Bajramovic

Interesting triple threat with Vhodrai, VLOZD, 30 Reapers backed by Arkhan.

Roger Barker

90 Reapers. Says it all.

Greg Goede (Coach)

Daughters of Khaine with a whole load of snakes. Interesting to see the Hag Queen on Cauldron for a point of difference from the usual.

Joe Krier

A Tzeentch list with Acolytes must mean chaff around which the Englighted, Skyfires and Skyfires operate.

Bill Souza (Captain)

Bill has been running the FEC list for a while with success. Looking forward to what he does when the new book comes out too!

Michael Vagenos

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