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Ulster Warlords 2019 – Results & Recap

Hey all, so the Ulster Warlords 2019 team tournament for Warhammer Age of Sigmar was held in Northern Ireland this last weekend. 14 teams of 4 players from across the UK fought it out for gold and glory.

Credit: Malachy McCrudden

You can check out my preview post covering the pack, the pairing process and all the team lists. Also, have a listen to my show with Jack Armstrong, UK #1, about how to compete effectively at team tournaments.

Warlords 2019
Credit: Malachy McCrudden

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Age of Sigmar

Ulster Warlords 2019 Results

The Ulster Warlords events had a number of top prizes, trophies and swag up for grabs. The awards are set out below and the full results are here.

  • The Ulster Warlords (1st Place): Bangor Bad Boiz
    • David Robinson (Stormcast)
    • Michael Brough (Beasts of Chaos)
    • Andrew Johnston (Daughters of Khaine)
    • Robby Wright (Grand Host of Nagash)
  • The Ulster Marshalls (2nd Place): Shia Lebeouf
    • Dean McLaughlin (Sylvaneth)
    • Darren Watson (Stormcast)
    • Stephen Mitchell (Legion of Sacrament)
    • Neil Montgomery (Gloomspite Gitz)
  • The Ulster Scions (3rd Place): Balls Deep Brucies
    • Chris Myhill (Idoneth Deepkin)
    • Chris Caves Jr (Grand Host of Nagash)
    • Ric Myhill (Beasts of Chaos)
    • Colin Ruddell (Sylvaneth)
  • The Ulster Minions (Last Place): Plastic Craic
  • Ulster Warlords Jester Award (most sporting votes)
    • Essex Rollin Machines (Jani Szaniszlo, Anthony Lewis, Dan Harston, Mark Carrigher)
  • Ulster Warlords Artists Award (best painted army)
    • Alex Ley with his Ironbark Sylvaneth

Ulster Warlords 2019 Winning Lists

So the lists for the winning team were:

Credit: Malachy McCrudden

And the second place team were:

And third place were:

Credit: Malachy McCrudden

You can check out all the lists for the teams here.

Ulster Warlords 2019 Coverage

So The Honest Wargamer broke new ground this weekend with coverage from all four tables between the top teams simultaneously. You can check back through the coverage on Twitch or YouTube. It’s great to see these innovations and developments in coverage of competitive Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Oooh lordy— Rufio Symes (@Sixdiceskills) February 2, 2019

Ulster Warlords 2019 Picture Gallery

A selection of pictures of the Ulster Warlords 2019 event.

The Hero’s Journey

Players traveled from across the UK to attend.

Match-ups and Swag

Team events are all about the pairing process, team banter and swag. The event organiser, Bastion Games, and the teams certainly turned it on with tournament books, team gear and match-up cards.

Armies on Display

Photos of the armies out on display.

Game Shots

And the obligatory pics from the tabletops 🙂

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