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Mile High Massacre: Age of Sigmar tournament

Hey there everyone!  The Mile High Massacre was run and won over the weekend of 3/4 March 2018 in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA.  In this post, you’ll find the tournament lists, results and all the details of the tournament pack.

Congratulations to Chad Graham for hosting a great event, Andrew Standiferd for taking out Best Overall and Elric Edge for taking out Best Tactician.   Check out their Twitter feeds for great photos and coverage of the event.

Finally, I’ve been compiling an international Age of Sigmar tournament pack and list archive to be a resource for Age of Sigmar players and tournament organisers.  If you are running an event, I’d love for you to get in touch, either through this site or Twitter, so I can share your event, pack and lists.

Mile High Massacre: Age of Sigmar tournament pack

Mile High Massacre was a 2000 points, five round tournament using the following scenarios:

  • Three Places of Power – Original GHB
  • Battle for the Pass – GHB 2017
  • Starstrike – GHB 2017
  • Dark Omens – Malign Portents
  • Heralds of Woe – Malign Portents

As well as the great mix of scenarios, it had a really interesting pack.  You could earn a maximum of 200 battlepoints over the five games (100 scenario points, 50 kill points, and 50 mission points).

  • Scenario points were awarded on a 20/0 (Major Victory), 14/6 (Minor Victory) and 10/10 (Draw) basis;
  • Kill points were awarded on a bracket system depending on the difference in points killed; and
  • Mission points were awarded for completing a mission which you would randomly select from either the easy, moderate or difficult objective piles.

The pack also contained a great painting checklist if you are looking for inspiration for a tournament you wish to run.

Mile High Massacre: Age of Sigmar tournament lists

You can find all the Age of Sigmar lists from the event here (and over at the tournament list archive).

Mile High Massacre: Age of Sigmar tournament results

The Mile High Massacre had the following awards up for grabs:

  • Champion – Most Combined Battle, Painting, and Sportsmanship Scores
  • Warlord – Most Battle Points
    • Randall Nelson
  • Artisan – Most Painting Points
  • Diplomat – Most Sportsmanship Points
    • Gabriel Cersonksy
  • Tactician – Most Mission Points
  • Destroyer – Most Kill Points
    • Randall Nelson

Mile High Massacre

Andrew Standiferd – Champion, Best Overall

Andrew Standiferd, two-time champion of the Las Vegas Open for Age of Sigmar, member of the Rolling Bad crew, and a soon to be guest on AoS Shorts for a Masterclass episode.  So tune in when the show drops and learn from Andrew.

Andrew took the following mixed-arms Stormcast Eternals tournament list.  A fourteen drop list of win played well.

Andrew Standiferd – Stormcast Eternals
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
Command Trait : Staunch Defenders
Artifact : Mirrorshield
Judicators x5
Judicators x5
Liberators x5
Liberators x5
Liberators x5
Fulminators x2
Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins x3
Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins x3
Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows x3
Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows x3

Elric Edge – Tactician, most Mission Points

Elric, host of the Rolling Bad podcast (seriously, check it out), took an Iron Sky Command Kharadron Overlords list.

Elric Edge – Kharadron Overlords
Command Trait : Fleetmaster
Artifact : Aethershock Earbuster
Artifact : Staff of Ocular Optimization
Arkanaut Company x10
Arkanaut Company x10
Arkanaut Company x10
Arkanaut Ironclad
Endrinriggers x9
Endrinriggers x3
Skywardens x9
Iron Sky Command

Randall Nelson – Most Kill and Battle Points

Randall Nelson – Grand Host of Nagash
Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead
Artifact : Terrorgheist Mantle
Dire Wolves x5
Mortis Engine
Skeleton Warriors x40
Skeleton Warriors x40
Skeleton Warriors x20

ITC Age of Sigmar events

The ITC is a tournament circuit run by Frontline Gaming, a tabletop gaming business, in the USA.   Originally established for Warhammer 40k tournaments, the circuit has now expanded to cover Age of Sigmar tournaments as well.  For further information on the ITC Age of Sigmar tournament circuit, go here.

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